Why do people have noses

Did you know? Why do humans have nasal hairs?

“Some find it unaesthetic, while others follow a fashion trend and artificially lengthen it. It's all a matter of taste. We're talking about our nose hair. But why does a person even have hair in their noses? Do they have a function or is our body just playing a trick on us?

When inhaled, nasal hairs act like a kind of coarse filter that catches larger particles such as dust or grains of sand at the nasal entrance. Together with the nasal mucous membrane, whose viscous secretions stick to small foreign bodies, they thus form an important protective function and prevent harmful substances or pathogens from entering the lungs. Small cilia on the nasal mucous membrane (so-called cilia) also use wave-like movements to ensure that the particles are transported away to the throat. There they are either coughed up or passed further into the stomach. The stomach acid then does the rest and destroys them. In this way, the hair in the nose supports the body's immune system from being overloaded by foreign bodies. It is therefore best to breathe carefully through your nose instead of through your mouth, especially when the air is very dusty or dirty.

Despite the protective function of the nasal hair, many do not find it aesthetic when it grows out of the nose and becomes clearly visible. That is why around a third of all people in Germany regularly remove or trim their nose hair. From a medical point of view, only the hair protruding from the nose should be shortened. Carefully, with special scissors with rounded tips or a good nose hair trimmer. But they should not be plucked under any circumstances. This can lead to small wounds on the hair roots, which become inflamed and can become gateways for bacteria. Serious infections and diseases can be the result. "