Which TV show shows midwives most precisely

In the best of hands

3 episodes so far, episodes 1–3

  • 1. Use of the maternity ward

    Today, not only a caesarean section is planned in the maternity ward. The young midwife Jennifer faces a special challenge: her first twin birth. The two girls should be born naturally. Jennifer is also training her Polish colleague Ewa, who has recently been supporting the team and defusing the personnel situation, because there is a lack of midwives across Germany. Despite the stress, a dream job for Jennifer and many other midwives. (Text: mdr)

  • 2. Operation doctors increase

    “Breathe in and out deeply,” says Ketevan Rukhadze to her patient. His eyelids flutter before they close. The hernia should be fixed today. Ketevan Rukhadze is responsible for the general anesthesia. In her home country Georgia, her options after graduation were limited: no chance of specialist training, so no secure income either. The reason for them to come to Germany to try their luck here. The 30-year-old had to wait a year and a half for her exam to get a license to practice medicine. It was a nerve-wracking time. But Ketevan Ruhkadze bites through. Thoughtful, hardworking and patient. Every day. Another country, a foreign language and the fight against endless bureaucracy - all of this for the dream of specialist training and a vocation as a profession. (Text: mdr)

  • 3. Diagnosis of stroke

    A film by Wiebke Schindler

    The Hufeland Klinikum Mühlhausen - a place where fates are only beds apart. In between, strong women who keep this cosmos going. They provide insights into their working life, which fluctuates between happiness, frustration and success. The three-part series “In the best hands” shows them in their everyday lives. The phone rings and for Yvonne Bauer that means: access. The call comes from an ambulance and with it a new patient. What Yvonne Bauer knows so far: The patient has speech disorders, paralysis in the right leg and is taking blood thinners. Stroke - yes or no? Goose step, flashing lights, siren. A wheelwork of nursing staff revolves around the patient who is just being admitted. Work against time and every move has to be spot on. The next step? All eyes are on Yvonne Bauer, the senior physician in charge of the stroke unit. (Text: mdr)

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