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Insider Berlin: Constantin Peyfuss

Berlin from the perspective of Austrian Constantin Peyfuss, co-founder of the digital city guide Unlike: An excursus about the best restaurants and excursion destinations.

The man has almost seen everything and done everything:Constantin Peyfuss, co-founder of the digital city guide Unlike. As Art and Creative Director constantly on the move with new projects, he also runs the with a Vespa Ape Mini super pop-up store-on-wheels.

You like to go out to have breakfast in comfort, where in Berlin is the best place to hang out in the morning?

If it's still early, I like to go to the Soho House on the roof terrace (Torstrasse 1), the best view over Berlin and an acceptable English breakfast. In West Berlin, I like the Giro in Charlottenburg (Knesebeckstraße 5), it is run by the artist and Maître des Grill Royal, Igor Pasch, together with Ralf Weber and is the best spot for people-watching. There is excellent coffee - my tip is the flat white miniature sausage rolls and lunch snacks. The interior is like a gallery, with regularly changing works of art.

Giro | Knesebeckstrasse 5, 10623 Berlin | to the watch list

If we're already having dinner in Berlin, where are we going for lunch or dinner?

My favorite is the Volta, a 70s pavilion with a modern interior. There I eat the beetroot salad, arranged on a black graphite plate, with toasted bread crumbs as "earth" and the watercress as "meadow". There is also the exotic currywurst, which is actually a sausage-shaped curry. The Mozzarella Bar (Auguststrasse 34) with its selection of buffalo mozzarellas is also recommended.

Volta | Brunnenstrasse 73, Berlin | to the watch list

And where can you get the best burgers in Berlin?

At the Burgermeister, a converted urinal under the subway bridge. It is right next to the Kreuzberg clubs and therefore on a strategic corner for the Kreuzberg scene. The barbecue sauce is excellent, as is the bacon and cheese fries. In West Berlin I like the Windburger (Windscheidstraße 26), everything is organic there, and the mini burgers are his specialty.

Mayor | Oberbaumstrasse 8, 10997 Berlin | to the watch list

Besides the food, you love the water and have a motorboat license. What are the best escapes around Berlin?

I recommend the Great Spree Tour around Berlin. It takes several hours and is perfect for working. You can see the entire city from the outside as you swim past, which has charm below deck even in bad weather. At Tegeler See, which is right on the approach lane, I borrow a boat and from there watch the low-flying planes next to the motorway and the Intercity on the bridge - a really ultra-urban look. The water quality is very good, clear water, water lilies, pure nature - a micro vacation. And last but not least: Old, restored ships can be borrowed from Schiffkontor on the Stralau peninsula (Am Speicher 7).

Mr Rensen's Boating Academy | Münzstrasse 23, 10178 Berlin | to the watch list