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Do Vegans Really Smell Better?

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Meat eaters smell of death and putrefaction - at least that is what some voices on the net claim. Of course, that's a harsh prejudice. But in fact, many vegans report that their diet changes smell better - that is, they spread less strong body odors. Many could not imagine a love affair with a meat eater just because of the body odor alone. But is it really true that vegans smell better? Or is it all just imagination, triggered by the feeling that vegans simply smell better too have to?

There are almost endless testimonials on the Internet from people who report how their body odor (or that of their partner) has improved with the vegan switch. With such subjective sensations as the sense of smell, however, it is difficult to judge objectively. After all, many more factors play a role as to whether you can "smell someone good".

In 2006, researchers at Charles University in Prague dealt with the question of whether meat consumption has an effect on body odor. The armpit sweat of 17 male test persons was specifically assessed. These were divided into two groups. One group was given meat for two weeks, the other a vegetarian diet for the same period. In the last 24 hours of the respective nutritional phase, her armpit sweat was recorded and then 30 testers were presented to the odor test. These should categorize the body odor of the test persons into "pleasant", "attractive", "masculine" and "intense".

Vegetarians smell significantly better

After evaluating the results, the researchers found that the significant majority of testers rated the sweat of the vegetarian subjects as "more pleasant", "more attractive" and less intense. When it comes to "masculinity", both groups were on par - when it comes to "masculinity", meat consumption does not play a role.

To ensure the results, the diets of the two groups were reversed. The previously vegetarian test subjects were given meat for 14 days and the "meat eaters" were given a vegetarian diet. At the end of these phases, her armpit sweat was assessed again. With the same result for the test subjects who were fed a vegetarian diet this time. A diet without meat can therefore significantly improve body odor - after just 14 days. To the test result.

Your own body odor is influenced by many different factors, including to a large extent your own genes. In general, body odor is regarded as a carrier of important information. It is not without reason that one speaks of "being able to smell someone good". You know that diet can also have an impact on body odor, at the latest after consuming a dish that is properly seasoned with garlic. But eating meat also changes body odor. Another study also suggests that vegetarians have better bad breath than meat eaters.

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Author: Kilian Thirty