How can I change my Android theme

Android: Themes & Widgets

Tip 10: Use widgets and achieve important things faster

Would you like to have the weather report and calendar always in view? With widgets, you have applications that you need frequently at hand, such as the weather forecast or weekly overview. The relevant information can be seen directly.

When you tap on the widget, the associated app opens. Many Android apps come with widgets, but also the system itself. You can place important contacts as a widget on the home screen so that you can contact them with one tap.

To find the mini-tools, long-press an empty area on the screen and go to Widgets. Find a program in the list of the size you want and drag it onto the display.

Tip 11: completely change the look with themes

The same sight on the display every day, is that boring? The Go Launcher comes with designs that can be changed with a tap - including playful elements. Select on the home screen design you end up in the Go-Store, where you can choose a new one from dozens of 2D and 3D themes, free of charge or for a fee.

Icons, background image and folders adapt to each other. A tap on Wallpaper brings you to a wide range of wallpapers. Via the button DIY backgrounds you can design your own. If you want even more variety, put the Change style button on the homescreen.

Each time you tap on it, the display mode changes with different icons and colors. To do this, press and hold on a free display position and on Edit. Swipe left in the Widget tab until the button Change style appears. Tap on it, it goes to the homescreen. Unfortunately, the free version of the Go Launcher is annoying with advertising.

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