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"I am ready to take responsibility"

Citizens are primarily not interested in who holds the party chairmanship or who is the health minister, but rather that politics make a noticeable difference in their everyday lives. He wants to ensure that people in Germany can feel safe despite the corona virus. For this it is necessary to address possible questions and concerns openly and at an early stage. For this reason, he informed the Bundestag's health committee today about the current developments in the Corona case.

Coronavirus: Spahn cannot rule out new infections in Germany

It is not yet clear whether the local epidemic in China can actually develop into a global pandemic. The situation in China is probably more serious than the numbers suggest, since asymptomatic infections are not included in the statistics. In addition, the lack of test kits in Chinese hospitals suggest a high number of unreported cases. The peak of the epidemic in China has probably not yet been reached. Therefore, no new infections can currently be ruled out for Germany. The care of the 16 infected patients showed that Germany was well prepared.

Spahn advocates a coordinated European approach and hopes "that the request of the World Health Organization for financial help will not only be answered by the national states, but that the European Union will also feel responsible with budget funds". Further measures are to be discussed at tomorrow's council meeting of EU health ministers in Brussels. However, the minister does not consider entry bans or fever measurements at airports to be sensible.

In addition, the subject of delivery bottlenecks is to be addressed again at the EU Commission. One must expect that the situation could worsen further due to production downtimes in China due to the virus.