Could a volcanic eruption be used as energy

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Geothermal energy: energy from volcanoes

The great heat of the volcanoes can be used to generate energy. For this purpose, deep holes are drilled near volcanoes through which water is passed. The geothermal energy makes the water so hot that houses can be heated with it. Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, is heated with such water. After all, 150,000 people live in Reykjavik. There the hot water from the depths of the earth is fed into large tanks, from where it is pumped into the houses. In cold areas like Iceland, the hot water is also used to heat greenhouses, so that vegetables and fruit can grow there that would otherwise not grow in this cold area.

Sometimes water vapor shoots out of such holes. Just as the steam in a saucepan can lift the lid, the steam moves large paddle wheels. The paddle wheels are called turbines. The turbines are connected to gigantic dynamos that generate electricity. The power plants that generate electricity from geothermal energy are called geothermal power plants.
Geothermal experts - people who specialize in geothermal energy - are convinced that electricity providers could use the heat from volcanoes significantly more than they are currently doing. A volcano is an energy source that will not dry up anytime soon and that is also relatively environmentally friendly. However, extensive preparatory work is sometimes necessary for the use of volcanic energy. For example, thermal probes often have to be sunk very deeply into the earth. Due to lack of space, this is not possible with every volcano. Nevertheless, many experts believe that volcanic energy is a real alternative to other energy sources and will be used more in the future (and should be used more for the sake of our environment).

New Zealand also uses geothermal energy from inside the earth. The natives - they are called Maori - use the hot steam of the fumaroles for cooking. Of course, people there also bathe in the hot springs and use them to wash their clothes.