What is the importance of marketing channels

The most important online marketing channels at a glance

First of all: online marketing is a job for professionals and you can't avoid it nowadays. We continuously advise small and large companies in this area, help with the implementation of strategies, the selection of online marketing channels and also notice how difficult it is for many complex subject to do.

In this article we therefore give an overview of the most important online marketing channels for companies and have a few tips ready to improve your own online strategy.

Online Marketing: Visibility on the Web

Online marketing includes all marketing measures that can be carried out online to before defined marketing goals to reach.

It is particularly important formulate clear goals. A possible goal could be: "I would like to take 200, - a day with my webshop". Another goal would be: "Our company would like to increase the number of visitors to the website by 30% by October 1st, 2020."

In general, goals can be anything. They mostly fall into the categories Brand awareness (like more website visitors), Business deal (like buying in the online shop) or Lead generation (such as newsletter subscribers or contact requests).

Advantages of online marketing

Online marketing measures have some advantages over offline marketing measures. For us, the 3 largest are:

1. Online marketing measures are (mostly) measurable

Online marketing is based on data. The measures are taken and advertisements are displayed using web applications and software. Hence the Results clearly measurable.

When you book Google ads, you know exactly how much you're paying for a click on the ad. You can precisely record how many people click on the ad and land in your own web shop.

Thanks to Google Analytics, you know what is going on on the website.

Analysis software (such as Google Analytics) can then be used on the web shop to see how many of these people buy something in the shop. A big advantage compared to placing ads in print media, where you cannot clearly understand how many people actually see and pay attention to them.

2. Online marketing measures are inexpensive

A bold claim! There is one important prerequisite for this: You use the channels and opportunities CORRECTLY.

That is why we always recommend speaking to professionals for the respective areas. In the event of incorrect use or a lack of know-how, online marketing channels quickly become a bottomless hole in the budget.

Keyword budget: Even with a small budget you can win a lot of new customers and orders on the web.

3. Online marketing channels are flexible

Sometimes one of the biggest advantages is that Flexibility of measures and channels. In practice, we like to recommend small tests on different online marketing channels (such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, newsletter campaigns) to find out which channel delivers the best performance.

Of course, depending on the company and goal, you can completely exclude certain channels and measures in advance and focus on the most suitable. If a channel doesn't deliver the right results, you simply turn it off again. Quick, easy and straightforward.

Disadvantages of online marketing

Of course, not everything is perfect in the online world. And so there are a few disadvantages in online marketing that we do not want to withhold.

Online marketing is complex

Hand on heart: As great as digitalization is, it also opens up so many opportunities to quickly lose track of things.

Which channels are right for me? How much money do I have to spend? How big can the pictures be for the advertisements on Facebook? What is an influencer and how do I find one?

Online marketing is a complex area.

Our most important tip: You really should be here work with professionals.

Our second most important tip: Absolutely from the professionals and agencies Have references and evidence of campaigns carried out shown. And pester the potential partner with questions to check the know-how and to see whether they fit together.

Online marketing requires a new way of thinking

Many companies find it difficult to enter the online world. This is mainly due to structures that have grown and have been optimized over the years - and therefore unfortunately often stuck.

Placing a newspaper ad is simply no longer enough and to commission a design and photo for it. The world of marketing has become incredibly complex due to the Internet and the many different devices (smartphones, smart TVs, tablets, etc.).

In order to successfully establish or optimize online marketing in your own company, not only the marketing department has to be fully behind the measures. Also management and many other departments involved must pull in the same direction.

It is extremely important on the one hand to recognize the importance of online marketing measures and on the other hand to make the necessary resources available to the marketing department.

Online marketing requires more planning

We have already clarified that online marketing a complex subject area is. Therefore, the selection of suitable online marketing channels and the implementation of activities also requires a lot of planning.

Not only design, wording and imagery play a role here. On the Internet also has the technology a decent little bit of a say. Therefore, the dialogue with website managers and the supervising agency is very important.

Also one's own understanding of the target group should be sharpened. Because if you don't know how the target group searches on Google or what they “like” on Facebook, you don't know what makes them really tick. And then online marketing becomes a huge challenge.

Online Marketing Channels: An Overview

There are several options for companies of all sizes to reach potential customers on the Internet as effectively as possible. No matter if it is about Reach building, sales or contact inquiries is possible - with the right online marketing channel you can achieve your goal with a high degree of probability. Provided you choose the right channel.

Here is a quick overview of the most important marketing channels on the web:

Our recommended basic channels for the online marketing mix of SMEs

Website & webshop

Clear thing: Online marketing starts with your own website.

Those who don't have a website hardly exist online. We therefore recommend that you almost always use a website or web shop as the basis for your own company.

You should make sure that the website loads quickly, is optimized for viewing on smartphones and tablets and has a well thought-out structure. Only then can you impress search engines like Google and be found.

More about search engine optimization and good web design can be found on our blog and in the articles "Local SEO: 5 Tips for Companies", "Landing Page Design" and "Web Design Standards".

Search engine marketing

The second big pillar in online marketing is search engine marketing, i.e. all the measures that can be taken with Google & Co. in order to be found more easily. This area is divided into search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine ads (SEA).

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization - so Search engine optimization. This area includes all measures (including technical ones) that you can take to make your own website, web shop or blog as easy to find as possible online.

If Google and other search engines can index and find the website well, it will help us to be found more easily by our potential customers.

A sub-area of ​​SEO - and the basis for all further measures - is a well-founded and professional analysis of the target group's search terms. This is also called "keyword analysis". Based on this analysis, it can be said exactly how difficult it is to place a website for certain terms in the top Google search results (= to rank).

Analysis of keywords / search terms.

Search engine optimization is a very complex area and a closer look at it would go beyond the scope here. Basically, SEO starts on your own website.

You try to strategically place relevant search terms in headings, text, images, navigation and descriptive elements. You also have to pay attention to a fast loading time, a great user experience and an optimized page structure (= few click paths for visitors) in order to score points with search engines.

tip: An SSL certificate (https, secure connection) is required in order to appear above in search engines.

Incidentally, it usually takes 4-6 months after starting a website or optimizing an existing page until you can see whether the changes have brought anything. Google needs this time to test the ranking of the website. If you've done everything right, you'll notice a decent growth in website visitors after a few months.

In our article “7 important ranking factors that you need to know”, we have recorded which factors contribute to websites and blog posts being ranked on Google.

SEA: Ads for search engines (Search Engine Advertising)

If you don't want to wait that long, you can rely on Google Ads - so Advertisements in search engines. Google Ads enables targeted text ads to be placed in Google search results. Whenever someone enters a certain search term in a certain region.

It is therefore very important on the one hand to do one first Keyword analysis and on the other hand to understand your own target group very well. Web and marketing agencies help with the placement of ads.

This is what Google ads look like.

Based on numerous customer projects, we can advise you to use Google Ads. With a well-founded analysis BEFORE the ad starts, you increase the effectiveness enormously and you can only be sure to spend money on clicks if potential customers actually click on the ads and are thus redirected to your own website.

Social media marketing

Online marketing channels that should not be underestimated are Facebook, Instagram and Co. Social media marketing includes all of them Marketing activities in social networks. A distinction is made here between social media optimization - i.e. the optimal design of content and engagement - and social media advertisements.

SMO: Social Media Optimization

SMO stands for that Optimizing contributions, postings, images, texts and engagement on social media platforms. On the one hand, this can be a Facebook posting that generates as much attention as possible because the content is consistent and has been optimized. The adjusting screws here are emojis, length of the text, choice of topic, humor and many others.

On the other hand, optimized engagement - i.e. commenting, liking, interacting with the target group - is also part of the social media optimization area.

In practice, companies often find it difficult to use social networks. Especially when they don't have a personal connection or there is no one on the team who grew up with it. It helps incredibly if you have employees or colleagues who are savvy on social media and who can help with good instinct and technical knowledge.

Talking about everyday business life is pleasant.

Tip: Sensitize and train employees on the topic of social media marketing. There are numerous agencies and educational institutions that offer such training.

SMA: Social Media Advertising

Similar to ads on Google, there are of course ads for Facebook and most other social networks and apps. The big difference to search engine advertising is that you don't target and book the ads based on search terms. Rather, target groups on social networks are selected based on their interests, behavior and demographic data.

It is all the more important to understand the target group very well. For this purpose, Facebook offers the tool “Audience Insights”, with which you can learn a lot about the behavior of your target group.

Regional online marketing: Local SEO

Local SEO - i.e. local search engine optimization - is especially suitable for regionally operating companies. For this purpose, one tries to improve one's own website with location information and relevant search terms in combination and to position it better in the search results.

Creating and optimizing a Google Business entry is also highly recommended if you are mainly dependent on customers from the local area.

We have collected more tips on this in our article “Local SEO: 5 Tips for Companies”!

Online Marketing Agencies & Web Agencies

As mentioned at the beginning, we can only recommend looking around for suitable agencies locally. Especially when it comes to SEO and Google Ads as well as the design of a fast loading website, it makes sense to look specifically for web agencies that have both the technical know-how and the experience in online marketing.

Our tip at the end: Better today than tomorrow to start better positioning your own company online! Google & Co need a few months to react to changes (ranking, search results).

If you are sure that you are already doing everything correctly, we advise you to have a quick check done by professionals. Often you overlook things or you lack the technical understanding of on-page search engine optimization and you get valuable tips in this way.

Good luck for the next activities on your own online marketing channels!

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