How do I find kinematic indeterminacy

Kinematic and Static Indeterminacy

Kinematic and Static Indeterminacy
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3-valued 3-valued

Hello dear community !!

Unfortunately I could not upload my problem in pictures, so I tried to record it as well as possible.

Below are two 3-valued bearings (tightly clamped barren)
Then there are vertical struts running parallel to each other, which are connected to a horizontal one, without joints. The struts go on and a joint is placed on each of them. In the end, the two of them meet in a floating warehouse.

The task is called "Wanted: Degree of kinematic indeterminacy (= f) and static indeterminacy (= n). The pole plan is to be used."

The result is f = 1 and n = 4. With the counting formula I don't get the result with the best will in the world.

p.s. In the case of a two-valued bearing, it becomes a main pole in the pole plan. in the case of 1-valued a geometric location,
What happens to a trivalent?

Please help !
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