Are actors live in the theater

Dear audience,

We look forward to being able to play live again soon with you in the auditorium - after all, we have been looking forward to that all along. We also had and still have a security concept that enables restricted gaming operations. Still, we were amazed that decisions about a general opening have been made at the present time! We cannot understand it at the moment and do not share the assessment that the omens are there.

We don't take the announcement as a sign that it's almost there, almost over. That thousands of people don't still get sick every day in Switzerland, that the disease progresses seriously, people die and that an infection with Covid 19 is the cause. We want to understand the Federal Council as follows: it needs us all. We all have a sense of proportion and caution. It is still about mindfulness, care and solidarity.

For us that means: we will not immediately, i.e. from Monday, April 19th. start playing repertoire on all stages in parallel! We will stay on our course of responsible design of rehearsals and work situations and see which openings we can represent with an audience.

In the coming days we will publish our first plans and keep you updated step by step.

In addition to the desire to play theater live in front of an audience again, we also want to keep our responsibility for young people in mind - especially for the audience and actors in our youth clubs.

See you soon, we look forward to seeing you!

Cordially, you

Directorate of the Schauspielhaus Zurich