How good is Samsung internet browser

Samsung Internet Browser: Now it has 1 billion downloads

It is a surprise success in the Google Play Store: the Samsung Internet Browser. It has become a real alternative to the Android browsers Firefox and Opera - and if it continues to grow, it could even overtake Google Chrome. We'll show you what's behind it.

Samsung Internet Browser: 1 billion downloads

Originally, the Samsung Internet Browser was only designed for Samsung smartphones. But apparently numerous other Android users also liked it. Because the browser has already reached an enormous milestone in the Google Play Store: one billion downloads. He has overtaken Opera and Firefox, only Google's own Chrome browser still prevents him from reaching the top position.

What does the Samsung browser offer?

The popularity of the Samsung Internet Browser may also be due to the fact that it uses the foundation of Chrome. That means the user interface is tidy, which is a big advantage compared to the competition.

It also offers other security and data protection features. For example, in "Secret Mode" you can use face recognition or the fingerprint sensor on your smartphone to quickly log into various websites in the browser.

It also supports content blockers from various third-party providers. This is how you can prevent websites from tracking your search history. With the "Popup Video" function it is also possible to have videos displayed in a small window and to continue surfing the net at the same time.

Further features of the Samsung Internet browser:

  • Support of VR applications such as 360 degree videos
  • "Ultra Power Saving Mode" for energy-saving surfing

Conclusion on the Samsung Internet Browser: Is that what?

We say: There are some features that other browsers don't have. However, the competitors also offer anonymous surfing, for example the Tor Browser 8. The real problem with the Samsung Internet Browser is its Google basis. This Google engine now has a monopoly position, and the Edge Browser is of course also based on it. Even Apple's WebKit family uses the open source Chrome. As a result, browser engines that are independent of Google are being displaced more and more.