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In 2017, the police recorded around 2.6 million accidents. This figure makes it clear how important it is to know what to do after an accident in order to keep the damage as low as possible.

How to Proceed in a Car Accident

The situation after a car accident is often confusing and nerve-wracking. Next to the shock many people are overwhelmed with the situation and often do not know how to act. But it sometimes happens after a traffic accident few seconds that can be critical to the survival of injured people.

Checklist: what to do after a car accident

The correct behavior after a traffic accident is clearly structured: secure the accident site, provide assistance, dial the emergency number, document the accident and report damage.

The process is also taught in the driving school as follows:

Danger: In the event of an accident, be sure to follow these exactly sequenceOtherwise you not only endanger your own life but also that of other road users!

ยง 34 Accident: Road Traffic Regulations

The Road Traffic Regulations (StvO) describe exactly how to behave after an accident:

The rules of conduct apply to everyone who contributed to the accident. Those involved have to stop, secure traffic and help injured people. You must also remain at the scene of the accident and, if necessary, provide your own data to determine it. Traces of accidents must not be removed.

If you have had a traffic accident or as a First aiders at the scene of the accident arrive, you must first secure the scene of the accident. To do this, switch on the hazard warning lights of your vehicle in order to make other drivers aware of the dangerous situation from a distance and to encourage them to drive more slowly. Pull one Safety vest to be seen on the road even in poor visibility.

With the safety vest on your body, you can now Warning triangle set up with the following distances:

  • Within built-up areas: 50 meters
  • On country roads: 100 meters
  • On the motorway: 150 to 400 meters

Now you have to help the injured person. Do not hesitate because you fear you are doing something wrong. Is the First aid takes place, you can then use the Emergency call choose. Describe the accident situation as precisely as possible.

Document the accident yourself with your smartphone. Take photos of damage, skid marks, the location of the accident and the papers of those involved.

When to call the police after a car accident

The police always have to be called when there are injuries or even deaths. Even if the various parties disagree on the the accident and the Question of guilt the car accident should be recorded by the police. The same applies if the accident occurred on the motorway or alcohol and drugs were involved.

As soon as the police arrive, they'll take one Accident report that documents the accident. If you did not call the police, you should still take photos of the scene of the accident in order to be able to reconstruct the process afterwards. Also exchange contact details with other people involved in the accident and witnesses.

Call the police in case of injuries, disputes, accidents on the highway, or drug / alcohol related. Take photos of evidence and exchange contact details with other people involved in the accident and witnesses.

When you should call in the vehicle appraiser

The injured party must prove the damage suffered - this is especially important if the accident has one Court process entails. Such evidence, which is also valid in the court and on the basis of which the final judgment is decisively made, is provided by a vehicle expert who inspects and assesses the damage that has occurred.

For the involuntary participants in a traffic accident, there are theoretically a large number of claims for damages. Claims for damages for car damage, housekeeping damage, loss of income and claims for compensation for pain and suffering are possible.
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Report the accident to the insurance company

  • In any case, report the accident to your insurance company and include the opposing insurance company. In any case, report the accident to your insurance company.
  • Please also state the opposing insurance company.
  • Keep to the given deadlines.

For the Damage report With your insurance you have a certain one Deadlinethat you should absolutely adhere to. This is usually one week. However, should the accident be a Fatalities have requested, you are only allowed to 48 hours wait before notifying the insurance company. If you miss the deadline for reporting the damage, the insurance company can reject liability.

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