How is UBS Mumbai for MBA

UBS reviews on job security and promotion: Associate Director

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Most helpful review, selected by Indeed
UBS offers great promotion opportunities and you can move internally rather easily, but the job is very demanding and stressful. Overall, I would recommend working at UBS, but know that it will be a stressful environment with very little work to life balance.
Promotions slots are competitive and based mostly on politics. Development work is being pushed to lower cost countries.
Get the salary you need when you join. There will be little chance to get raises in the future.
Lack of advancement. Small raises, tiny bonuses.
Working within the technology group have had nice relationships with full time folks. Staff aug / contractors move in and out frequently, which can make projects take longer. In general few complaints.
There is no job security, work / life balance, and the management does a poor job communicating effectively. Majority of employees did not get a bonus for 2019.
The company is generally a good place to work in my opinion. There are many opportunities for advancement. Their business is expanding and they offer opportunities for additional experience.
Yes, its a fun and very learning workplace but there is huge salary disparity at the same level which they should address.
Using best in market tools, its a great learning experience.
If your line manager is not an advocate for you, progress / change is impossible. This system gives line managers an inordinate amount of influence over career advancement. As a result, most employees are trapped in roles with little opportunity. There is lots of talk about culture, but in my experience, it is only talk.
Great work place culture, well managed and collaborative colleagues.

Varied workload and opportunities to get involved in lots of projects. Colleagues friendly and approachable.
Good work life balance, collaborative
Few opportunities for genuine advancement
Highly Bureaucratic, slow moving environment. Almost non-existent advancement and lateral opportunities for personnel located in most back office functions.

Culture is extremely stodgy and timid: Milton would be considered a model employee.

Front office peers report significantly better lifestyle / culture / opportunities.