What is corruption and police misconduct

Anti-corruption and sponsorship

The Anti-Corruption Working Group (AGK) in Section I C is responsible for combating and preventing corruption in the Senate Department for Home Affairs and Sport. It was established by the Senate in 1995 and is primarily preventive.

The AGK is responsible for checking the proper administrative action in fiscal and sovereign activities in the area of ​​the Senate Department for Home Affairs and Sport and - as a supervisory authority - the subordinate authorities. Its task is to sensitize the service staff and to check compliance with the anti-corruption regulations and the related topics of “sponsoring”, “advertising” and “rewards and gifts”. She carries out event-related audits, issues permits, prepares statements and is the contact person for the service staff and other administrations as well as for corruption-related questions from the political arena.

She is also a member of the Berlin-wide Anti-Corruption Working Group (AKA), which is part of the Senate Department for Justice, Consumer Protection and Anti-Discrimination.

The fight against corruption in Berlin is supplemented by a lawyer appointed by the administration of justice. Since October 1, 2011, citizens and employees have been able to anonymously provide information on suspected misconduct or suspected criminal offenses by employees within the head office of the state of Berlin and in areas for which the state bears responsibility. Further information on the lawyer of trust.