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Tattoo Prices - How Much Are the Tattoo Costs?

If you think about getting a tattoo, the question of that comes very soon Tattoo price on. On the Internet and in forums, there is often only very inaccurate information about the Tattoo cost and often it is only pointed out that one should go to the tattoo artist on site. Last but not least, you often get dubious and insulting answers.

That shouldn't be the case, because a fairly precise assessment is possible based on empirical values! If you already have a tattoo, please enter it under Submit a tattoo to further refine this search.

The price for a tattoo is made up of various factors. These are summarized below.

1.Size of the tattoo:

The bigger the tattoo, the longer the tattoo artist needs and the more color has to be used. Therefore the cost increases. We try to determine a square centimeter price for different quality levels on this page.

2nd position:

There are places on the body that require more tattooing. For example, because they are more unwieldy or the customer experiences more pain and therefore longer and more breaks are required. Often, tattoos on bones are more painful than tattoos on softer areas. More on this under pain tattoo.

3. Degree of detail:

The more details a tattoo has, the more expensive it will be. There are two reasons. You have to look for a very good tattoo artist and it takes more time to do elaborate tattoos. The level of detail was divided into 3 levels in our tattoo price calculation:

  • Contour - Just the outer lines of the tattoo. Often used for simple lettering or very small tattoos.
  • Shaded - Shading is added to the lines, making the tattoo more elaborate.
  • Very elaborate - In addition to lines and shading, there are elaborate small details. These of course affect the time and cost of the tattoo. For tattoos of this quality you have to put a lot of money on the table. This level of detail is often only used for larger tattoos, as you need a corresponding area for very small details.

4. Color:

A shaded tattoo usually costs less than a colored one. Each color means a further work step. First the contours are engraved and then the shading. Finally, the colors are engraved and the details. Usually more colors cost more.

If you now have the costs for your Tattoo just fill in the fields on the right to find out the tattoo price! The tattoo price is made up of the average price of all registered tattoos from the database that match the criteria you entered. So it indicates how much other people paid for a similar tattoo. Nevertheless, the price of your tattoo can differ. This can be because your tattoo artist is cheaper or provides more detailed results, so it takes more time and is more expensive.

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