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11 YouTube Tricks You Should Know

By Madlen Schäfer | January 18, 2021, 11:40 a.m.

The YouTube platform offers users a variety of videos. But with these hidden tips, you'll watch videos even better in the future.

YouTube enriches all of our lives with countless videos. Regardless of whether it's music, useful tips or fun entertainment - every user can find videos from a wide variety of areas on the platform. TECHBOOK introduces you to a few tricks with which you will be even better on the platform in the future and which you should use in your video search in the future. Here are our 11 tricks for YouTube:

1. Link for a specific point in time in the video

Everyone knows that: You have seen a video and find a certain point very worth seeing, and you want to share it with other people. With a trick you can create a link at the appropriate point in time of a video. Go to the YouTube page of the video you want and click on "Share" in the lower right corner. A small window will open. At the very bottom, tick the “Start” option and enter the desired time in minutes next to it. You can then copy the link created there and send it to other people.

2. Create a playlist

You can create video playlists on YouTube and share them with other users. There is also the possibility that several users can edit a playlist. To do this, call up a video on the platform. Click on "Save" in the lower right corner. You then have the choice: users can add the video to a playlist that has already been created or start a new playlist. Using the data protection settings, users can decide who can see or even edit the playlist. So that friends can also change the playlists, users must activate the function for joint editing. Users with whom you share the link to the playlist can now also add videos to the playlist.

3. Turn excerpts from a video into a gif

Would you like to transform areas of a video into a funny gif? Three letters are enough and you have created a unique gif. Use the URL of the relevant video and type in simple gif like this: www.gifyoutube.com/… Press Enter on your keyboard. The website gifs.com opens, where you can decide and select which section of the YouTube video you would like to turn into a gif. You will receive a link to your gif that you can then send to other people.

4. Clear video history

YouTube saves the user's search history and also gives suggestions based on the videos watched. However, you can delete individual requests or the entire history of your video search. If you want to delete the entire history of your search, go to the menu item "History". On the right, you can select “Clear entire playback history” so that the entire history of your search queries will be deleted. If you want to prevent future search queries from being saved, use the option "Pause playback history" or "Manage all activities", which allows you to delete individual search queries.

5. Play videos on the smartphone in the background

It can be a bit annoying if you want to continue listening to a YouTube video, but it fails because the video is ended as soon as the YouTube app or the page in the browser is no longer open. But there is a trick to continue listening to a YouTube video on an Android smartphone and doing other things on the smartphone at the same time.

Use the Firefox or Chrome browser on your smartphone to watch a video on YouTube. At the top right you can see three points, select “Desktop website” from the menu. The video can then be played on the platform. Now select the phone's home button, which will keep YouTube running in the background. Now swipe down from the top with your finger and open the status bar. If you press play there, the YouTube video will run in the background.

You can also use apps that allow YouTube videos to be played in the background. The OGYoutube app is recommended for Android users, for example, iOS users can use the Dolphin browser app for this.

6. The anonymous mode

Those who prefer to remain anonymous on the platform should use the incognito mode of the YouTube app. You can access this mode by tapping on your profile picture in the app and also selecting "Activate incognito mode" in the menu. The advantage: When incognito mode is activated, users surf more anonymously. The videos viewed so far are not used by the app and the videos still to be viewed are not saved in the user's history. You can exit this mode by tapping your profile picture again.

7. Watch videos later

Sometimes you might discover a video on the platform that you would really like to watch, but currently don't have time for it. In this case, you can save the video and watch it later. To do this, click on "Save" at the bottom right. You can then select “Watch later”. The video is then saved in a similar way to playlists. In order to watch the saved video later, all you have to do is click on "Watch later" in the menu on the left of the platform's home page.

8. Switch off the silent feed playback

Videos are automatically played as a preview on the YouTube homepage. However, this costs a lot of data volume. If you prefer to save data, you should deactivate the silent feed playback using the following YouTube trick. To do this, users have to select their profile picture and select the menu item "Settings". The “Autoplay” option must be clicked to decide when this function should be used. “Autoplay on the start page”, for example, determines when a video is automatically played on the start page. There are several options: You can choose whether this should always be the case, only when you are connected to a WLAN, or you can deactivate this function entirely.

9. Chat in the YouTube app

Users can also chat with each other via the app on the video platform. For this purpose, a user of the app starts a chat in which the video is shared with other YouTube contacts via the "Share" option directly below a video. If the user selects several people, the simple chat becomes a group chat. The chat starts when the user sends a message. The selected contact will now receive a notification in the app. First and foremost, users of the app can exchange information on the platform via videos in this way. The chat can be called up when the user clicks on the sub-item in the “Activities” menu.

10. Faster scrolling

YouTube users can fast-forward and rewind in the app. In addition, the speed when winding can be adjusted with a double click either in the right or left half of the display. Each subsequent tap on the display causes a further ten seconds to rewind or fast forward. This means that if you tap the phone screen seven times, the video will be rewound a full minute. You also have the option of setting how far you want to go forward or backward with a click. If you tap on your profile picture in the app, you will find the sub-item “General” in the “Settings”. From there, select “Double tap to jump”. Now you can determine for yourself how many seconds a tap will wind. You can choose between 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 or 60 seconds.

11. Length of stay

Often we spend more time on the cell phone than we would actually like. You can use the YouTube app to find out how much time you've spent watching videos on YouTube. You do this as follows: Users have to click on their profile picture in the app. In the menu, the user selects the sub-item "Playback time". Now the YouTube user can see how much time he has spent on the platform today or within the past week.

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