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All comic lovers know this: You are happy about every new comic and you don't even notice how large quantities of old comics are accumulating on the shelf. If you have a large collection of comics and would like to sell them, we have a few tips for you! Because you can still earn a lot of money with old, used comics. Some comic books are real rarities, for which lovers still pay high prices. Therefore, if something is important to you, you should try to sell them instead of throwing them away. You can do that at the flea market, for example. But at the flea market you often have the problem that the weather doesn't play along or it's just too much effort. In addition, you usually get smaller prices for rare comics. It looks different online: Selling comics on the Internet is quick and easy! Buying portals are the solution there, with these sales portals such as reBuy, Momox and Co, you can sell your comics for a fixed price and earn real money. The Bonavendi price comparison will tell you which portal pays the most. This way you can get the most out of your old comics and also earn money for new purchases!

It's that easy

1. Enter article

Enter the items you want to sell into the search field and add them to your shopping basket if you are interested.

If you have a lot of items, use the collective input or our barcode scanner app.

2. Identify the best buyers

In the sales basket view, we show you the buyers who are bidding the most for your items.

In this way you can achieve prices that are slightly more than 50% higher than the average.

3. Sell

We guide you step by step through the sales process at the buyer

A few days after you have sent the items, you will receive your money from the buyer.

How can I sell comics?

Do you like reading comics and now have a great collection? However, the majority of your comic book collection only takes on the role of the dust collector? Most used comics are good money, so the best solution is to sell them - but how? Of course, you have the option to go to the flea market and hope that someone exactly wants your collection, or you can try to sell the comics online in targeted portals such as ebay. However, this is time-consuming and takes up a lot of time. Buying portals are the better alternative! Your comic collection is guaranteed to be bought here and thanks to the Bonavendi price comparison you will also be paid the maximum price. Whether Donald Duck, From Hell, Tintin, Asterix and Obelix, Watchmen, Nestor Burma, Maus, Gasto, Lucky Luke, Spider-Man, Batman, Lucky Luke, Mangas or numerous other comics - with Bonavendi you get the best price for comic classics and favorites. Compare prices now and make money from comic collections! How do I know the value of my comics? Fortunately, there are several sources to help you appreciate the value of your comics. From the golden age of comics in the 30s and 40s to the era of modern comics, from 1980 to the present day, the comics industry has grown into a huge and profitable business. Some collectors invest all of their savings in comics, and the most expensive copies have a collector's value of over 10,000 euros. It is worth investing a little time there! You can find information about the value of comics in forums, websites for comic collectors, online magazines, etc. To access certain sites, you must first log in.

  • Why should I compare prices before selling something online?

    Because the purchase price for used items on the Internet fluctuates extremely from provider to provider - price differences of more than 100% are not uncommon. The sale is only worthwhile with a comparison.

  • What can I sell online?

    You can currently sell books, CDs, DVDs, Blurays, video games, PC games, tablets, cell phones and notebooks online.

  • What is the advantage over Ebay?

    We only compare buyers who pay you a fixed price. You don't have to create a cumbersome auction. It's convenient, quick, and easy.

  • Why should I use Bonavendi to compare prices?

    No price comparison takes into account more purchase portals than we do - so you really get the most out of your used things.

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