Is a banking job safe?

Banking Professions: 5 Popular Career Opportunities!

Table of Contents

  1. Fund manager
  2. Investment and asset advisor
  3. Risk manager
  4. Investment bankers
  5. Compliance Officer
  6. Other professions

Fund manager

As Fund manager (m / f) you always keep an eye on the markets and decide on this basis how funds should be aligned in the current market environment. The fund manager is also one of the highest paid professions. This is what awaits you in the day-to-day work of the fund manager:

"He helps with his work Fund manager its customers, the investors in the fund company, to achieve their financial goals. He manages mutual funds. To do this, he observes the capital markets and companies, analyzes balance sheets, and tracks the company's sales and margins development. In addition, it processes the information from business news. The challenge is to filter out the most important information from the flood of information and then to act quickly and correctly.

Many DWS fund managers have studied business administration, but this is by no means mandatory. It depends on the branch to be supervised which course is best suited. Such are the courses for pharmaceutical companies biology and medicine relevant. Various internships, including international ones, are recommended during your studies. "(Jutta Herzog, Head of Human Resources DWS Investments (subsidiary of Deutsche Bank)).

Investment and asset advisor

Your world is all about numbers, economic and financial topics and you are a real expert on wealth issues? Then the profession is Investment and asset advisor (m / f) exactly the right one for you! This is what awaits you in the job:

"Investment and asset advisor advise private investors in Money and Property Issues and professionally convey the optimal investment. You implement investment and pension strategies together with the customer and zown different possibilities that exist for the formation, protection and increase of wealth. At TARGOBANK, these discerning clients are advised in the asset centers. The prerequisite is an apprenticeship as a banker or a degree in economics. "(Lars Göbel, Head of Training at TARGOBANK)

Risk manager

As Risk manager are you responsible for assessing all possible risks before making a big business decision:

"A risk manager analyzes and assesses risks. There are different types of risk, for example market, credit or liquidity risk. For example, the Credit Risk Manager analyzes and evaluates complex credit exposures of a bank's corporate customers. The market environment, the collateral and classic key figures (balance sheets, etc.) are considered and the current and future risks are assessed and recommendations for action are developed, if necessary.

At Commerzbank, entry and training to become a risk manager is possible via the Trainee program Risk management possible. The prerequisite for this is a Business administration-Study or also mathematics. It is important to have analytical skills such as a good understanding of numbers and enjoy reading and evaluating balance sheets. "(Melanie Loriz, Press Officer, Commerzbank AG)

Investment bankers

The profession of Investment bankers (m / f) requires a lot of dedication and passion, because your own work-life balance can sometimes be neglected in this job description. But what exactly does an investment banker do?

"In contrast to a traditional bank, everything in an investment bank revolves around the various areas of the capital market. These include company acquisitions and sales, mergers, IPOs, capital increases and the issuance of corporate bonds. Investment bankers advise companies on execution, financing and risk management on all of these different topics.

Most young professionals have a degree in economics, mostly business administration, often with a focus on finance. Graduates from other courses are also hired; Basic financial training, a high degree of internationality and initial practical experience are always helpful. The entry takes place almost exclusively through an internship during the studies. "(Corinna Haas, Graduate Recruiter, J.P. Morgan)

Compliance Officer

Compliance Officer are responsible for compliance with the legal guidelines in a company. This is what awaits you in this job description:

"A Compliance Officer is used by companies to avert damage to companies through illegal behavior by employees. He needs a good knowledge of the laws and legal requirements, which is why lawyers are often required in large companies. There is no typical professional training for him.

The tasks of a compliance officer also usually include training the company's employees so that didactic skills are also required for the job. "(Steffen Steudel, press officer, Federal Association of German Volksbanks and Raiffeisenbanks BVR)

Other banking professions

Financial assistant

Financial assistants are real financial experts who advise their customers. They are familiar with both commercial and administrative activities and the everyday processes in banking and insurance. In addition to the banking sector, you can also work as a financial assistant in an insurance company.

Bank clerk

Also as Bank clerk you take care of the money matters of your customers and are their contact person for all questions regarding your own account as well as topics such as financing, credit or retirement provision. Special soft skills such as trustworthiness or reliability are required in this profession.