Why aren't there more people using meteor

What are shooting stars?

A lot of stuff flies around in space

If you are lucky and look at the sky at exactly the right time in the evening or at night, you can spot a shooting star. Suddenly a bright strip of light appears, which disappears shortly afterwards. What we call a "falling star" is actually a piece of space that enters the earth's atmosphere.

In the universe, besides suns and planets, there are above all a great many parts that fly around. They can either be tiny or huge. Many of these parts come from comets. Comets are kilometer-sized chunks that fly through space guided by the gravitational pull of the planets. On their way, they leave behind many severed parts, the one Meteoroids is called.

Shooting stars are meteors

It can happen that the meteoroids enter the atmosphere of our earth on their flight through space. It happens a lot during the day. Usually we don't even notice it because most of these parts are tiny. But as soon as a meteoroid has a certain size (at least like a pin), you can see something. When a meteoroid enters the earth's atmosphere, it is called meteor. It flies towards the earth at an incredible speed and is slowed down very strongly by the atmosphere. This creates an extremely high level of heat. The result is that the meteor burns up or even bursts.

We then see the streak of light from the glowing meteor as the falling star we know. A meteor burns up completely in less than a second. However, there are sometimes meteors that are so large that they are not completely destroyed when they are slowed down and eventually fall to earth. It is assumed that around every tenth meteor penetrates the atmosphere and lands on the surface of the earth. By the way, such a meteor will be meteorite called. Many people have already found some of them.

Make a wish!

So there are actually shooting stars all the time. But you rarely see them. The sky must be dark enough and at the same time not be cloudy. There are many shooting stars on very special days of the year. This is what happens when the earth hits a comet's orbit and all of its parts left behind. A special event is, for example, on August 12, 2016when it comes to the Perseid shower. The earth then crosses the orbit of Comet Swift-Tuttle. As well on 17th November 2016 at the Leoniden-Schauer many shooting stars will be seen when the sky is cloudless.

At these special times, many people meet to watch falling stars. Shooting stars are not only popular because they are so beautiful to look at. In many countries there is an idea that they can grant wishes. When you see a shooting star, you have to make a very quick wish before it disappears again. It is also important for the fulfillment of the wish that one does not say the wish out loud but only thinks.

Have you ever seen a shooting star? Did you have a wish