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Uwe-Michael Sinn, managing director of rabbit eMarketing

If you want to operate efficient email marketing, you need it a powerful e-mail dispatch system. There are many reasons for this: Professional systems not only offer the possibility of sending personalized e-mails to a large number of recipients, thanks to the double opt-in procedure they also allow a legally secure distribution list when generating e-mail addresses. Further pluses are the possibility of test mailings and the measurement of success based on comprehensive statistics. A modern dispatch tool also guarantees the perfect display of the content in different browsers and on mobile devices. Before companies get one hire a specific email marketing provider, they should have some Pay attention to things.

A specialist article by Uwe-Michael Sinn

At the beginning of the campaign, there is the creation of a concept for the respective marketing measure as well as the examination of existing contact details. Then it applies to the technical requirements to define a shipping software. The company can then make a pre-selection of possible providers, which will then be narrowed down in the next steps. Before making a final decision, it is advisable to have a Test account to put on as well as various Cost offers catch up and compare. The question of the technical implementation a company also has to clarify: Should an email marketing software be bought or rented or should it be sent through an agency?

Selection of the newsletter marketing provider - the technical possibilities in comparison

Buy a system: the In-house solution

If the email marketing software is installed and operated in-house, the company retains complete control over the data records. This option becomes more important when the Privacy policy do not allow the data to be passed on. The costs this solution are through the use of own technical resources comparatively low. However, businesses should Specialist staff both for setup and ongoing software maintenance. A CSA certification (Certified Senders Alliance) of your own mail server significantly reduces the risk of e-mails getting stuck in spam filters. However, this certification comes with additional costs. In addition, the regular range of functions of the in-house software is rather small and is very expensive to upgrade. Newsletter marketing providers are in-house solutions for example Artegic and Inxmail.

Rent a system: send by Application Service Provider (ASP)

In this case, the required technology is located in the data center of the respective email service provider (ASP). The e-mail marketing software is operated on the company's internal computer. Here, too, it is important for a high delivery rate of the e-mails that the system provider of the CSA certified is. In the case of ASP solutions, investments in infrastructure or updates are generally not necessary; these are already included in the Service fee contain. Another plus point is that most of the internal human resources are only required for setup. In return, higher costs and more difficult monitoring of data security must be expected. agnitas, Artegic, CleverReach®, eCircle Messenger, emailvision, Inxmail,optivo and other newsletter marketing providers implement ASP solutions. Further providers of e-mail marketing systems in Germany can be found in the section “Wer Deliver Was?” Under e-mail marketing software.

Full service: Outsourcing of email marketing

Who save internal resources and have access to external know-how want to create should opt for full-service support from an experienced agency. Analysis, advice, conception and implementation of the campaigns take place in direct and close coordination. The company brings in the product-specific concepts and ideas, the project management is carried out by the agency. This option is usually provided by the most expensive variant represent doing email marketing.

Independent ofIn-house solution, ASP or outsourcingthat can use email marketing systems different functions include. Depending on the requirements and area of ​​application needs an email marketing system more or less extensive or be complex. The following is a functional overview of what email marketing systems can do. Companies can use this overview as a checklist for selecting and comparing software for e-mail newsletters and other e-mailings.

Possible functions of email marketing systems:

  • Language support
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Integrated Help and support
  • personalizationdegree and personalization options such as salutation, content, subject line, PDF attachments, etc.
  • Test deliveries
  • presentation the email in different Browsers and up mobile devices
  • use of Templates and templates
  • Choice of Email formats: HTML, text or multipart-E-Mailing (combined HTML and text version)
  • Quality tests for optimal delivery security
  • Integration of Social media elements and functions
  • Integrated and automated Subscriber handling, so an automation of the ordering and unsubscribing process
  • Recipient segmentation
  • Internal Blacklisting
  • Bounce management
  • Whitelisting of the e-mail service provider (ASP) or full-service provider through certified systems, for example through the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA)
  • Data import and Data export
  • Measurement of success using an integrated tracking tool
  • Campaign control such as automated follow-up e-mails, lifecycle e-mails, multi-stage campaigns with automated series of e-mails
  • Time and target group controlled dispatch
  • List management
  • A / B split to Testing different versions of emails
  • Connection to CRM, CMS, web controlling or e-commerce systems


A company looking for the right software for email marketing must decide two things. First: With which technical dispatch option should the e-mails be sent? In doing so, the differences in costs and human resources should be considered in particular. Secondly: What does the newsletter software have to do? Choosing the right software for e-mail newsletters and other e-mailing campaigns is not easy, but it should be done conscientiously and carefully. Successful email marketing can only be achieved if the software meets the company's requirements and expectations.

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Uwe-Michael Sinn is one of the pioneers of email marketing in Germany. He has been dealing with this topic since 1999. rabbit eMarketing, founded by him in 2004, has already won several international awards and is one of the leading agencies for email marketing in Europe. Sinn is a sought-after consultant and speaker as well as the author of numerous articles for specialist journals and books. As a full-service provider with many years of experience, rabbit eMarketing knows the different requirements of various industries, regardless of whether they are beginners or professionals, weekly e-mail newsletters or highly complex lifecycle campaigns. rabbit eMarketing offers interested parties a free system analysis for the selection of a suitable e-mail marketing software.