Where are you on your spiritual pilgrimage

Pilgrimage routes in Germany - tips for the first pilgrimage on your doorstep

Best time to go on a pilgrimage in Germany

Of course, this always has to be considered individually, depending on the type, motive, time, urgency and much more. m. In Germany you should perhaps do less in one rainy time and freezing cold, respectively Onset of winter go on a pilgrimage. In Spain and Portugal, on the other hand, it does not occur in July and August high temperatures is recommended. Hence my opinion would be of April to October You can absolutely start, the other months are also possible, but you have to weigh that for yourself. Just don't forget that you are then in the Low season and it may be that not all restaurants, pilgrims' hostels etc. are open. I would therefore recommend calling them in advance, as a closed pilgrims' hostel could mean more kilometers until the next refreshment stop comes for you. Even in the main season, i.e. during the holiday season, it can get crowded and is not the best time to start your pilgrimage.

Advantages of making a pilgrimage in Germany

In Germany, of course, you have that advantagethat you can be gone even for a short time - two, four, seven days. You don't even have to get on a plane or a train, you can do it directly on the doorstep start your pilgrimage adventure. Just about that Pilgrimage just to testing, making a pilgrimage on your doorstep is a great option.

I have often found that I haven't traveled enough in my own country so far. How about you, do you already know many places in Germany? When I think of traveling in Germany, I am often amazed at how many beautiful corners I don't know yet. I keep coming back to those Way of St. James which partly lead through cities, villages and beautiful landscapes.

tip: Braunschweiger Jakobsweg - this leads through the middle of Braunschweig and offers you next nature also Tourist Attractions on its 12 kilometers through the Lion City.

I also think that you can also go your own way in Germany if that personal motive is not guided by the feeling of getting to know the country, the people and the culture such as Santiago de Compostela. I think, without knowing it myself, that it can be very touristy at times, as there is definitely a pilgrimage boom.

Holy James year

2021 is that Holy James year in Santiago, which always takes place if in the previous year the Date of death (July 25th) of the Apostle James falls on a Sunday. That was the case in 1993, 2004 and 2010. The Number of pilgrims has increased from James year to James year. In 1993 there were 99,500 pilgrims, in 2004 already 180,000 and in 2010 an impressive 272,000. I don't want to know what will be going on on the pilgrimage in 2021, but definitely more than 300,000 pilgrims. But of course it can complete your personal goal and you want to go after it Santiago de Compostela and this in the holy year of James. Then you should start planning soon. In Germany Until then, you can take your first steps, test pilgrimage materials and satisfy your anticipation. My motto but it is, less is more

Links to pilgrimage routes in Germany

If you feel like embarking on your own personal journey, here are a few helpful links for planning one Pilgrimage in Germany:

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