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Why don't I hear anyone chatting on Modern Warfare?

Modern Warfare was one of the most popular online games in 2019.

And it goes on, 2020 will not look any different.

A huge number of players still cavort on the Call of Duty servers every day. An incredibly popular game.

This popularity was one of the reasons why we wrote an article about how you can unlock the popular Otter in Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

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But now back to the topic.

I don't hear anyone chatting

So it appears there is a Modern Warfare voice chat bug preventing PC gamers from hearing each other during a game. If you have the same problem, you are probably wondering, "Why can't I hear anyone on Modern Warfare Chat?"

Fortunately, we have the answers and the solution for them.

Why can't I hear anyone

At the time of writing, it appears that the voice chat bug is primarily affecting PC gamers rather than those on consoles. If you are a console player and you are not familiar with the error:

Players report that while in Call of Duty Modern Warfare they can see voice icons moving, they cannot hear when their teammates are talking.

Modern Warfare voice chat bug

As you can imagine, this can be a very annoying problem.

How can you complete missions as a team and win the game if you can't understand each other?

Unfortunately, it seems like Activision hasn't offered an official patch for this bug yet, but some players have come up with a solution. For some, the audio settings weren't set properly, making it impossible to hear people playing your game.

To fix this problem and thus get rid of the Modern Warfare voice chat bug, here are the steps you can follow.

  • Find the speaker icon in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Right click on the speaker and choose Sounds.
  • Open the "Recording" tab, select "Microphone" and make sure that it is set to "Standard".
  • Then open the "Playback" tab and make sure that both "Standard Device" and "Standard Communication Device" are selected.
  • From there, make sure that the new settings have been saved and then jump back into your game.

You should now be able to hear everyone.

Unfortunately, this fix won't work for everyone, but it seems that it has served as a solid interim solution to the Modern Warfare voice chat bug for the majority of gamers.

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