Why are almost all women crazy

Male typology: women should beware of these guys

1. The non-binding one

You can recognize him by the fact that he is very binding at first. He looks great, which explains his overconfident. He pulls out heavy artillery when it comes to conquering you: calls you all the time (also from Tokyo), calls you a princess and asks pretty soon if he can introduce you as his "girlfriend". This will not happen, however, because the non-binding person is characterized by the fact that he will never introduce you to his friends or family. As soon as he has managed to rob you of all bones thanks to his gigolotricks, and you lie at his feet in a malleable heap, the non-committal will relentlessly reveal his true face.

For days he doesn't let anyone hear from him and explains that he meets so many great people (meaning women) in his job. During sex, he looks you in the eye, but then says, "You know it means nothing." From now on he will no longer call you a princess, but Mickey Mouse. The non-committal always speaks in the imperative, otherwise a lot (too much) of his mother: "You, she is a really great woman." He closes his eyelids gently. The non-committal is a big child who wants to fulfill its mother's every wish. Even the unspoken not to have to share her only son with anyone. Especially not with a Mickey Mouse. Mira Wiesinger

2. The graver

As a woman, you can ask this man almost anything: He speaks just as readily about his sexual preferences as he does about the difficult relationship with his family or his eventful professional past in the music industry. Only the question of how he imagines his (or even a common) future should be saved if you don't want to see him run away in a panic. For him, the future is an unknown, distant factor that he cannot deal with because it is also his greatest threat - the end of the party he calls life. "Graver" is the name of this type of man in the "Sunday Times" who, even in his mid-forties - or again since his divorce - has spent the nights and days in techno clubs: a raver who already has one leg in the grave.

This type of man is found mainly in metropolises, because only they offer him the infrastructure on which he can build the playground for his artificially prolonged adolescence. Here he has his "party clique" made up of long-time male friends and a few female friends who also like to consume mixed alcoholic drinks with Red Bull or J├Ągermeister. There is the American Apparel store here, where he buys his uniform, skinny jeans and colored V-neck shirts. And here is the place where it is not on the fringes of society, but can almost feel like mainstream. So why grow up? The reasons are not obvious, there is only one thing to consider: Even on a dance floor, a lonely old man remains a lonely old man. Lorraine Haist

3. The doubter

Everything that cannot be controlled scares him, especially life. And himself. Children? Better not, after all, he cannot rule out the possibility that he will leave the family one day. If he is confronted with doubts from his partner, who asks himself and him in the course of a hormonal deterioration in mood, "Maybe this is all just a big mistake with us?" a "Yes, maybe you're right. I don't know either."

The consequence of his doubts is a compulsive gathering of information. If friends invite him to a karaoke evening, he of course first researches the "Sing Star" playlist on the Internet in preparation. Before a one-week holiday home stay in Denmark, the menu plan of the fellow travelers is asked in order to then create a shopping list using an Excel table.