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Little People - Great God (KLGG) helps with children between the ages of three and six ... more
Little People - Great God Details

Little People - Great God (KLGG) helps children between the ages of three and six to celebrate creative church services together. Each booklet contains 20 elaborated units that are fully tailored to the level of understanding and the needs of children of kindergarten age. In addition, the employees and managers will find practice-oriented articles in every issue with topics that are on their minds. For example, “How do I become a good storyteller?” “What makes boys tick and what they enjoy” or “How churches become safe places”.

Can be used flexibly, CORONA-SUITABLE and with additional download material from issue 23 (1/2021)
The KLGG subject series and individual units can be used flexibly. In addition, there is additional material for users to download for each issue (Bible pictures to show and color, photos, photo stories, handicraft instructions, etc.).
In addition, there are currently free corona-compatible supplements for users with which the units can be designed as a children's church service "at a distance" or implemented as a video church service.

How little people meet the great God

In their children's worship service, the children can meet God as a loving father and gain trust in him. Again and again they hear in the units: “God loves you! He is there for you and he takes care of you. You can also talk to God. "

In a child-friendly way, children are drawn into the stories of the Bible. The methods of presentation are varied and appeal to as many senses as possible. The stories are deepened by creative, playful and experience-oriented elements.

Non-denominational team of authors
The magazine is deliberately non-denominational and the authors of "Kleine Menschen - Großer Gott" belong to various regional and free churches.

What users say about KLGG:
“Today I just have to write briefly that I really like your ideas for preparing the children's church service. It's great how much creativity there is always in the pages and the experience of the biblical stories captivates the kids. Your preparatory material is always a great firework of ideas! " D.R.

Subject area:Children's Church (3-11 years)
Target group:Children, Pastors & Staff
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