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Supplementary examination passerelle 'Vocational baccalaureate, specialist baccalaureate - universities'

The "Passerelle" is a supplementary examination for the vocational baccalaureate or specialist baccalaureate. Those who pass it have access to all courses at universities in Switzerland and to all courses at universities of teacher education.

The supplementary or passerelle examinations are organized by the State Secretariat for Education and Research SERI. They are carried out as part of the regular sessions of the Swiss Matura exams. There are two exams each year in each of the three language regions.

The certificate of the supplementary examination does not legally constitute a high school Matura certificate. Together with the vocational maturity certificate or the specialist maturity certificate, it gives access to all Swiss universities and to all fields of study. The degree only provides access to foreign universities where they voluntarily recognize the certificate for the supplementary examination.

The preparation for the supplementary examination is free. It can be self-taught or as part of preparatory courses, usually lasting two semesters.

Registration deadlines and timetables differ from school to school. There are options for full-time and part-time courses, usually over two semesters. The costs range between around CHF 2,000 and CHF 20,000, depending on the school's level of subsidy.