What are some uses for copper

What is copper


Copper is a relatively soft one metalwhich as chemical element is included in the periodic table with the element symbol Cu. Copper is also one of the Semi-precious metals and serves as an excellent conductor of electricity and heat conductor.

Copper is used in a wide variety of areas, such as in the furniture industry for decoration, or in electrical engineering as a broadband cable network.

Copper: history and origin

In addition to gold and silver, copper is considered one of the first metals used by humans at all. Already about 10,000 years cultures that used copper were found. This was mainly due to the fact that the metal was very easy to process. Due to the increased use from the 5th millennium BC BC to the 3rd millennium BC, this period will also be Copper Age called.

As one of the largest manufacturers of copper, that was up to now Roman Empire. Up to 15,000 tons per year could be produced there. Today Chile, Peru and the USA are the leading producers of copper. This is also where the largest deposits of natural, pure (native) copper are found.

What does copper look like?

The soft metal has a typical orange-reddish color and a shimmering one shine. Besides gold, copper is one of the only colored metallic elements. Copper also feels pleasantly cool and smooth at.

Due to its beautiful appearance, copper is used a lot as a decoration in households today. Lamps, tables or candle holders made of copper are no longer uncommon today. Because not only the appearance of the metal, but also the light ones Care properties, make copper so popular. Objects made of copper can simply be wiped off with a soft, dry cloth.

Properties of copper

Copper has one excellent electricity and thermal conductivity and due to its low internal resistance, it is more conductive than gold. Therefore, copper is preferred in power cables.

The soft metal can also be very process well and is very elastic. It can also be shaped well when it is warm and does not become brittle even at low temperatures. If other materials are alloyed with copper, it increases the stability and durability of a material. A copper alloy also protects against rust.

Copper: uses and areas of application

Copper is found in the different areas Application. In the following we would like to give you a short list of the most important areas:

  • Electrical engineering
  • Handicrafts
  • Construction
  • Supply technology
  • Communication technology
  • mechanical engineering
  • medicine
  • Furniture industry
  • Musical instrument making

The most important area in which copper is used is probably that Electrical engineering. Because there, copper is used in power cables and broadband network cables. Copper is simply the best electrical conductor, has low resistance and cannot burn or melt in the event of a fire. Therefore, copper is also popular in Construction sector used for pipes or fittings.

A wide variety of consumer goods with copper content can be found in the supply area: From dishes to computers - copper can be found almost everywhere. Because of its classy appearance, copper is also in the Furniture industry and in the area decoration no longer to think away.