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Dear children!

You know the story

the king's daughter who

cursed by an evil woman

will take care of her

fifteenth birthday

with a spindle in the

Finger stings

and in one

deep sleep

falls, including dad

King, mom

Queen and

the whole court.

Around the castle

a hedge of thorns grows.

After a hundred years

comes a prince and

kisses the girl


That is, of course, Sleeping Beauty.

The fairy tale gives

it as a book, as a radio play,

as a film, as a song, as a ballet.

Written down, read out,

played, sung,

danced. It is

Peter Reinhart is

Deputy Editor in Chief

of the Trier

Friend of the people.

always the same story

just told differently.

Lucky asked himself:

Write and read, there

I'm good at it, but one

Story dance how

Does it work? As is

to be a ballet dancer? Is

only for girls

or for boys too? Wear

the always pointe shoes

and these dresses

these tutus (read:

tütüs)? What is a ballet rat

something like that

like a bookworm?

So many questions.

Lucky has dancers

and interviewed dancers

and found the answers.

And now I know

even what a pas de

deux (read: pa-de-dö)

is. It is, no, you have to

read yourselves. Exciting

Reports of the

You can find ballet on the

Pages 12 to 15 of this


Have fun while reading!

Peter Reinhart

Table of Contents

Go ahead and cry! Why we cry while chopping onions p. 4

Flexible: the swan and its neck p. 6

Jesus, Maria and Joseph: Visiting a crib maker p. 10

Three hazelnuts and a curmudgeon: Christmas time is fairytale time p. 8

What to do with the table How to redesign your children's room p. 19

Auschwitz: This is why people remember a crime 70 years ago p. 22

ḰContact: Questions and requests? This is how you write Lucky a message p. 25

Reading story: How the dog Huckleberry finds new family and friends p. 29

Fun & games: puzzles and a quiz from p. 30

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Onions are healthy. But at

Sometimes they come to peel

Tears. Why actually? We see

look at the cells of the onion: cells,

they are like tiny building blocks.

There are several in one cell

Fabrics. They each have a special one

Function and are separate from each other.

She has the pungent smell

Onion, for example, from the substance Isoalliin.

When peeling and chopping

you destroy the cells of the onion.

This is how the different ones come

Substances in the air. Mix there

they each other. This creates

a chemical that is yours

Irritates eyes. That's why they come to you

Tears. Use this trick to protect yourself

the onion, for example, in front of animals,

that they want to eat.

Painting houses is normal

forbidden. In the city of Yekaterinburg

artists were allowed in the country of Russia

but paint some houses in bright colors. It

there is a festival in town.

It's about street art (spoken:

striit art). That is English and

means street art. Streets

are not painted there,

but houses and walls. In Yekaterinburg

can now be seen in many places

the colorful pictures. Each year

there will be more.

Would you like to be able to fly too?

Like a bird or a superhero?

This man here has that

Dream of flying fulfilled. He built

get a suit with multiple nozzles

on the sleeves. He can't do that

just fly, he is with it too

really fast: 51.53 kilometers per

Hour! That's about as fast

how a car is allowed to drive in the city.

Others have already acted like this

built a suit. But nobody is

flew with it as fast as this one

Man. He just got a world record

set up.

Texts: dpa

Photos: istockphoto.com/Bliznetsov

(Onion), dpa (man / facade)



Weightless in space ...

... but like showering and eating

then actually the astronauts?

Space travelers have to rely on weightlessness in space

get used to it first. There is no above and no below. What

if you don't hold on, you float away. Very simple things

are suddenly complicated.

Astronauts float weightlessly through her in space

Spaceship. This means they can, for example, without any effort

hit several somersaults in a row. Something falls

out of hand, it doesn't plop down, but

floats. That sounds fun. But it can also be complicated

be. Because in space a lot doesn't work as it should

on earth.

For example water: in space it forms spheres,

floating through the air “You can't like on

the earth, ”says Ellen Ochoa during a visit

a space company in the state of Bremen. you

knows her way around: Ellen Ochoa has already been with one four times

Spaceship flown into space.

So far, space engineers have not succeeded in finding one

Develop space shower. Therefore you can

the astronauts only use washcloths to clean them. For the

Hair use a special shampoo (spoken:

schampu) that you don't have to wash out.

“So you can clean yourself up,” says Ellen Ochoa. "But

what you miss is the feeling of showering. "

Astronaut Ellen Ochoa was in space several times with this spaceship:

Such a space shuttle (spoken: Späis-Schattel), in German

Space shuttle, put satellites into orbit and equipment and

Astronauts to space stations. The special thing: the space shuttles

took off piggyback on a rocket into space, but landed like one

Airplane - like the space shuttle Atlantis in the photo. But the time

this spaceship is over: six years ago flew in for the last time

Space shuttle into space.


Photos: dpa, EPA / NASA /

The astronauts cannot cook in space either.

That's why they don't get anything fresh to eat.

All dishes are specially processed and packaged so

hold them for months. “You just add

still water, ”says Ochoa. In addition, the

Spacemen warm up a kind of ready-made meal. "It

may not look as tasty as the food on the

Earth. But there is a large selection and it tastes good

quite well."

Weightlessness also has advantages. So would they have

Astronauts have more space in the narrow spaceships. "You

can float over each other or to eat in

hanging in the air, ”says Ellen Ochoa.

Irena Güttel, dpa



Did you know that swans have incredibly flexible necks?

The bird's neck is so long and flexible because it is made up of a large number of cervical vertebrae. Vortices are those

Bones that together make up the spine. A whooper swan can have up to 25 such vertebrae in the neck area

- similar to a mute swan. For comparison: we humans only have seven cervical vertebrae. Even a giraffe

with her long neck no longer has. Small birds such as blackbirds have eight cervical vertebrae.

The swan has such a long, elastic and supple neck that it can be used in different water depths

can root. The bird tilts its upper body forward and comes to lie under water.

Then he can use his long neck to search the ground for aquatic plants. Besides, he comes with his

flexible gooseneck is great for its plumage to clean itself with its beak.

Photo: dpa

By the way: a famous ballet piece is called Swan Lake. It's about the princess Odette. It is from one

evil wizard has been turned into a swan - and only a prince who promises her eternal love can her

release from magic ...

dpa / mc



It really puffs up!

But they are pretty: Chinese pigeons are known for their appearance. The

broad chest is full of plushy feathers. The springs turn on the back

sometimes curls. The lush feather collar around the neck is also an eye-catcher.

The Chinese pigeons are popular with pigeon breeders. But not just because of them

to look good. The breed is also considered to be very trusting.

By the way: the pigeon has nothing to do with China. It is made up of two

Pigeon breeds have been bred. A man named them about 150 years ago

but still Chinese pigeon. The exotic name is just a

A pigeon expert explains.


Researchers have studied ancient bones and discovered a new species of animal: the vampire deer.

He lived about 14 million years ago. He got his nickname because of his

protruding canines. The bones were found many years ago. Long

For a long time they lay in the basement of a museum.

However, the animals have nothing to do with the vampires from horror stories. But

the animals have long, pointed canines. And they are reminiscent of the teeth of a vampire.

“Hence the nickname,” explains researcher Manuela Aiglstorfer. She works in one

Museum in the city of Stuttgart. She has the vampire deer

examined more closely together with other colleagues.


Vampire deer!

“Usually you might find a piece of bone or a

couple of teeth and with that you try to reconstruct an animal. But in this case we had

Luck. Because we found several skeletons that were almost completely preserved, ”reveals the specialist. Found

the bones were in an ancient meteorite crater near the town of Heidenheim.

But what is the point with the sharp canine teeth? “They were impressive weapons,” says Manuela

Aiglstorfer. That means: the males wanted to advertise it and impress the females.

But the teeth were also fought. The vampire deer wasn't that special

large. “He was about the size of a fawn. So about 50 centimeters high, ”explains the researcher.

The animals probably ate leaves and fruits. The researchers have found that

by examining the teeth more closely. Like their living relatives, they were

Vampire deer are not real deer, but musk deer. And today's still have them

long canines! Stefanie Paul, dpa


Just quickly enumerate a few animals!

An elementary school class has taken on this task

dedicated. The students and

Students tried to get at least one for each letter

Find animal. Then they made up over the animals

smart. And wrote down smaller texts about it. So drafted

the class finally a little dictionary about animals.

You can find this lexicon on the website

Take a look at www.buntes-tierlexikon.de. Both the side and the

The children wrote the texts themselves.


Photos: Schuldei / World_Wide_Fund_For_Nature / dpa, Jörn Köhler / Hessisches Landesmuseum

Darmstadt / dpa (dwarf frog), vampire deer: State Museum of Natural History

Tiny little hops

Madagascar is a huge island in front of the

West coast of the continent of Africa. For nature researchers

Madagascar is particularly interesting.

Because animals live there that only

occur on this island! Just have

Scientists in Madagascar a new one

Discovery made. Over 20 new species

of dwarf frogs were found there.

"The dwarf frogs are easy to miss",

explained an expert. Most of

they were one to two in length

Centimeters. With that, the tiny hops are in

about the size of a fingernail. dpa



"I have to hold back sometimes"

Not too private, not too professional: Lina Larissa Strahl pays attention to this when she posts something on the Internet.

The actress and singer are followed by almost half a million people on Instagram. We have

she asked how she deals with fans and comments.

Thousands of people look at their pictures on the Internet.

Recently her music has also been on the radio. Got known

Lina Larissa Strahl as an actress in the films with “Bibi

& Tina ". She is 19 years old and has a lot of fans. On the website

Almost half a million people follow her on Instagram.

What does a good post on the internet look like?

Lina Larissa Strahl: "Not too private, but not too professional either,

so some mediocrity to make it interesting

is. "

What would be too private?

Lina Larissa Strahl: “For example, find my way with my family

me too private. Or to post in a hotel: Hey, I'm right now

in this and the hotel. No, I don't do that. "

What comments do you reply to?

Lina Larissa Strahl: “I answer what strikes me.

But I don't make any distinctions. I think it would be bad

if you only reply to the most elaborate messages

would. Then it's like my fans have to try

to reach me. But that's stupid. I would like

be in constant contact with everyone. "

Do you get more nice or more nasty comments?

Lina Larissa Strahl: “I don't really have many people who

Write hate messages. Most of the time it's just something

like: ’Great, I'm happy!’ Or: ’You're so pretty, and so on

lovely and so nice. ’Lots of sweet comments."

How do you react to nasty comments?

Lina Larissa Strahl: “I have to hold back sometimes

- when someone really writes a stupid message like

"Your hair is ugly". I'm not really a girl

that you can just say it that way and like your mouth

holds. I would like to say something about that. "


Lina Larissa Strahl: “I cannot comment on every comment

justify. That's why I always have to take it

and let that endure me. This is not the case now either

bad. It doesn't happen very often either. "

What is your advice to people who get stupid comments?

Lina Larissa Strahl: “It's best not to read. Sometimes let

I bring myself to read all of the comments.

When I notice that it is drifting, you actually stop.

You don't have to do that to yourself. "

Interview: Maud Dieminger, dpa

Photo: dpa



An enigmatic ruler

You can often see his face in the country of North Korea. On posters, pictures and on television,

everywhere is Kim Jong Un. The man with the short black hair is the boss

of the country of North Korea. Yet little is known about him. Because he seals off

himself and his country. For example, there are hardly any conversations between Kim Jong Un

and the heads of other countries.

North Korea is a small country, but it has many soldiers. That especially bothers them

Countries around it. Japan and South Korea, for example, feel threatened by North Korea.

Because the country also has modern weapons. Kim Jong Un has been in power for about six

Years in the country. His grandpa founded the state. Since then, someone had always been out

of the family in North Korea. Because there are elections like in Germany in

North Korea doesn't.


North Korea

Kim Jong Un is younger than most rulers. But how old he actually is knows

you do not. At first it was said that he was born in 1983. Then he would be 34 years old now

old. Later the year of birth was changed to 1982. Some suspect: this was done

so the year is better for the year of birth of the state founder of North Korea, the grandpa

by Kim Jong Un, fits. He was born in 1912.

Kim Jong Un and his family take center stage in North Korea. At parades, for example

the citizens come to cheer him. But anyone who thinks differently than the head of state is alive

dangerous. Experts say: These people are imprisoned, for example. The other too

People in North Korea are often not doing so well. For example, because there is too little in the country

eat there. One of the reasons for this is that other countries do not do business with North Korea

want to do. So the country earns little.














Photo: s / graphic dpa, - / KCNA via

KNS / AP / dpa (Kim Jong Un)

Hard work around

to become a star

A princess marries a non-prince

- and a non-princess a prince

Be a princess for once. Have the dream

lots. But exactly from this one

Dream says goodbye

Princess Mako right now.

Mako is the granddaughter of

Akihito. This is the emperor

of the country of Japan. she wants

her friend Kei Komuro

marry. Kei Komuro is

but not a nobleman. He doesn't live in either

a castle but in a normal one

Flat. And he's still studying.

The strict imperial rules state

but: women who are bourgeois

Man marry, be excluded.

But the court life exchanges

Mako apparently liked one for her love.

With a real prince to the altar:

that is what Meghan Markle will do. The

The actress is the girlfriend

of the British Prince Harry. Now was

known: The couple will be next

Marry year. In a television interview

had previously told Harry that he

proposed marriage to his girlfriend

Kneeled down. You got him without

hesitantly accepted.

Harry is in fourth place

the succession to the throne in Great Britain

- behind his

older brother William

and his father Charles.

Queen is Harry's grandma,

Elizabeth II

mc / dpa

Singer Max Giesinger became

through the program “The Voice of

Germany "known. In the children's edition

of the show he will

soon to be part of the jury.

Max Giesinger has the candidates

forewarned now:

The show alone makes of them

Participants are not big stars.

Instead, wait hard afterwards

Work on the participants. Max

Giesinger was on the show

made it to the finals five years ago.

His most famous so far

He had a hit for four years

later with the song "80 million".




Where Jesus, Mary and Joseph are built

For many, Christmas is not just about a decorated Christmas tree,

but also a nativity scene. Visiting a crib maker.

In the run-up to Christmas, many visitors get into a tight squeeze

Alley in the center of Naples. It is a city in the country of Italy.

She is famous for her Christmas cribs. In this alley

many nativity scene builders have their workshops.

A nativity scene recreates the Christmas story. In a stable

you can see Mary, Joseph, Jesus and the animals. There are also angels

as well as people who marvel at the baby Jesus and give rich gifts.

In addition to small clay figures, mostly produced in factories, there are

handcrafted nativity figurines. They are very expensive too

make and quite expensive. That's why not so many of them are sold.

However, some nativity set makers in Naples make them anyway.

Just like it has been for hundreds of years.

Marco Ferrigno is one of them. “I have the trade

learned from my father, ”he says. And it got it from his

Father and that in turn from his father. Although the

The Ferrigno family owns several shops, they get their many

Figures and cribs are hardly included.

The shelves reach up to the ceiling. In the small back room

only some of the nine employees can work on the first floor.

The retail space is also insufficient. One works

on a tiny pedestal under the ceiling and another

on the narrow balcony. One is painting in the kitchen. Everyone

takes on a very specific work step.

For example, some model the heads of the crib figures

made of clay. After a precise drawing of the face.

When they are done, the heads of the figures must first be dried and

then burned in the oven overnight.

But the heads are still missing their eyes! “My cousin is for them

Luca is responsible, ”says Mr. Ferrigno. Paints with a fine brush

Luca the iris and pupils from behind on tiny glass crystals. A

other employees put their eyes in their heads. And one more

another paints the heads.

Marco Ferrigno's nephew Davide paints the arms and legs of the figures.

They're made of wood. The bodies are finished by a woman named Pina

At home. Then the heads and the limbs will be included later

Wooden sticks inserted.

Now only the clothes are missing. They are sewn by hand.

“The fabrics are made of silk and come from a village here

nearby ”, says Mr Ferrigno. This is what the old custom wants it to be

strictly adheres to his family.

Karlotta Ehrenberg, dpa

It is richly decorated and brightly lit: the Christmas tree in front of the Rockefeller Center.

That's in New York, a city in the United States. A large star glistens at its tip.

When it comes on for the first time in the year, there are always lots of people. you want to

see how thousands of lights shine and celebrate with music and a big show. The

a tree was set up there for the first time more than 80 years ago. Its extent is huge: Alone

the chain of lights is about eight kilometers long. This corresponds to a distance of around 8000 meters

- for that you would have to run around the sports field 20 times. There are 23 to the top of the spruce

Meters - that's about the height of a five-story house.


Photos: dpa



This is necessary for

white Christmas

Snow for christmas! Many people hope for that

every year in December. It is particularly cozy

when the world outside by a white

Snow cover is covered. In addition, snow makes

Fun: Because it's great to build a snowman

to make a snowball fight or toboggan to


So that we have a white Christmas, they have to

Temperatures are below zero degrees Celsius. "Also

do we need moisture in the air, ”she says

Scientist Carolin Willibald. She works in one

Institute for Snow Research in Switzerland.

Snow is made up of frozen water. With the ingredients

Cold and sufficient moisture form ice crystals

in the clouds. "The crystals grow on a core",

says the expert.

This can be a tiny particle of dust, for example.

There are many of them in the air. "On the way to

below the crystals unite with others and become

to snowflakes, ”says the snow researcher. It

snowing. The world turns white. “Actually, however, is snow

don't know, ”says Carolin Willibald. “The crystals are

transparent like ice. "

But why does snow look white? Sunlight hits

on the crystals. Some of the light goes through the crystals

through. The other part is mirrored. Since the

Crystals have many faces, sunlight gets into all of them

possible directions mirrored. Alltogether

ensures that our eyes see the snow in white


Will we get a white Christmas this year

can't be said yet. “You can always do that

only know about seven days in advance, ”says the German

Weather service. The closer Christmas gets then, the more

the forecast is also more accurate.


Photo: dpa


Nice presents for the parents:

the gift certificates.


Wow: The hot stones at the hot

Stone massage for only € 35


Thai treatment, vital salad plate plus

Day ticket for thermal baths & sauna for € 78


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The vital source in Bad Bertrich




This ball is danced

Have you ever tried to dance on tiptoe?

This is not so easy. But with ballet

you can see it on stage: It seems like a

Ballerina flies - or floats on stage.

Moment: ballet? Ballerina? In the word ballet

is the word ball in it. But that has nothing

to do with soccer, but with a ball

as a dance festival. The term ballet originated

from Italian. "Ballare" is called there

to dance. So a ballerina is just one


Some ballet pieces are world famous today.

These include, for example

Swan Lake, the Nutcracker or Sleeping Beauty.

Plie, pas de deux and pirouette

Does that sound French to you? It is. They are the names of some

Positions in ballet. For example, in the picture above you can see a pas de

deux. Here is an overview of some terms in ballet:

Jeté (spoken: weed): jump

Pas de deux (spoken: pa-de-dö): A dance for two

Pirouette (spoken: piruett): rotation around its own axis

Plie: Ballet position in which the legs are bent.

Prima ballerina: dancer who takes on the leading role

Tutu (spoken: tütü): short ballet skirt


Classic or modern

Ballet is a dance with very strict rules.

The steps are precisely specified, the feet

stretched while dancing. But who the ballet characters

learned she can on the

Use the stage for "modern" dance

and complement. This is how one describes the further development

of the "classical" ballet.

“There is seldom a story in modern dance

in the foreground, but one

Perception, emotion, a feeling, a

State of mind, ”says expert Denis Burda.

The dancers also wear

not the strict, restrictive tutu or that

Pointe shoes, but costumes and dresses

with more freedom of movement. mc

Could you imagine

that bookworm Lucky

on the dance pole

Plie is practicing? Exactly

makes a ballet rat

- but in reality

is not that a relative

of Lucky:

"Ballet Rat" is one

joking designation

for a young one

Girl, the ballet


Dancing on tiptoe: It works because

the dancers wear pointe shoes. These are

Dance shoes that are filled at the top and there very much

are tough. With them, the dancer can go right up to the front

stand at the top. Until a dancer, however, with such

Dancing in shoes, she usually has years of training

behind. Because only then are your muscles the

Legs and feet strong enough for that. Wear it for so long

the dancers shoes without a hard tip.

dpa / red




Photos / graphics: dpa



A ballerina has to train a lot

To be on stage as a ballet dancer is the dream

many girls. The Russian Daria Chochlowa trains hard for it. you

dances in the world-famous Bolshoi Theater in Moscow, the capital

Of Russia. The 25-year-old trained for years for this.

Lucky: How long have you been a ballerina?

Daria Chochlowa: “I've been dancing for the eighth season in the Bolshoi Theater. But until

it takes a long time to get on stage. I've been dancing for more than 17 years. "

Where did you learn to dance?

Daria Chochlowa: “I started as a little girl - at first just for fun.

My teacher discovered my talent and encouraged me. Then it got professional.

I took my first steps and movements in the dance academy in Moscow

learned. "

What is the hardest part about dancing ballet?

Daria Chochlowa: “Everything happens very quickly and you don't have a lot of time to make new moves

to study. The training is difficult. Sometimes my feet hurt.

But even then I have to keep dancing. But I already feel the pain


How many hours a day do you train?

Daria Chochlowa: “It is very different. Exercise before big shows

we already several hours a day. First the choreographers show us what we are

should do. And then we repeat that until it's perfect. But that

is not like this every day. "

How do you keep fit?

Daria Chochlowa: “Oh, I ask myself that too sometimes. Of course I think so too

just think that everything is very exhausting. But dancing is my job. The body

needs a lot of relaxation. I like swimming."

What would your absolute dream role be on stage?

Daria Chochlowa: “Of course a leading role. I would love to be in one piece

Love dance. It's always so emotional. I want the role of someday

Dancing Sleeping Beauty in the piece by Peter Tchaikovsky. That would be my dream. "

Interview: Claudia Thaler, dpa

The huge chandeliers glitter. The seats

are covered with soft red velvet, and

the walls covered with gold. Who in the

Main hall of the world famous Moscow Bolshoi Theater

come, be amazed at first. Bolshoi

is Russian and means big. How large

the theater is really what the visitors see

Not. There are several buildings. The main house

has seven floors - upstairs. Then

it goes down another five floors.


Photos: dpa



Denis Burda used to dance - today he gives ballet lessons

Hop, jump,

run: The earlier one

Dancer Denis Burda

has famous ballet

Pieces on stage

played. He was a prince charming

mighty god or roman

Gladiator. For that he had to

train and learn a lot.

Lucky: Do I need a special skill

to learn ballet dance?

Denis Burda: No, ballet can actually do it

everyone learn, even as a small one

Child. Who will be a professional dancer

wants, but must be at least 10

Years to get started. In the beginning you learn

Basic positions, the right posture

or the balancing act. Come later

then add difficult dance sequences.

But anyone who has ever learned ballet

can dance anything later.

And sing?

Denis Burda: In classical ballet pieces

is not necessary in modern

Musicals or in operettas

beautiful. It is important to have a good hearing

schulen: You finally hear while dancing

to a piece of music, that's yours


You have worked as a dancer for many years

Theater worked How did you feel

prepared for a role?

Denis Burda: First, inform

I care about the character that I represent

should. I then read, for example

something about them. Then meet

I am the choreographer. He lays the

Step sequences of the piece firmly and

decides what role the dancers will play

take. He also determines with

what feeling I am portraying the figure.

Then I learn the sequence of steps

by heart, at home alone

or together with the group in

Rehearsal room. Such a preparation

can take several months, and

it is constant training.

Have you already had stage fright, well

Jitter before the gig?

Denis Burda: Of course. But as soon as

I'm on stage, that's all

to forget. My first leading role

I had when I was 17 as a prince

Siegfried in the play "Swan Lake".

With 70 musicians in the orchestra pit,

many fellow dancers,

and 1000 spectators in the theater.

You are responsible for

the success of the demonstration. I got there

I did the nights before

dreamed of the beginning of the performance

to miss.

Do you have a favorite role?

Denis Burda: Yes, that of Spartacus.

At the beginning of my career I had

rather played a prince charming -

in pieces like Sleeping Beauty or

Nutcracker. But I also wanted to

represent other figures.

Lucky: What do you like about dancing?

Denis Burda: I like dancing

Fun. I can be someone else on stage

To be human: today Spartacus,

tomorrow Wotan (a mighty god),

or a pirate. I feel on top of that

Stage like in a dream. And after

the performance is as if I were

wake up from this dream.

Interview: Miguel Castro

About the person: Denis Burda is 38 years old and