How do humans and animals differ?

What is the difference between humans and animals? # Animals as fellow creatures

The animal kingdom

In bio lessons you can now learn that humans are assigned to the animal kingdom. So it belongs to the mammals, strictly speaking the primates. Thanks to genetic research, one can also say how little animals really differ from humans. The differences between e.g. a flea and a cat are much greater than that between a chimpanzee and a human. Therefore there is actually no real point in separating people so strongly from the animal world (fauna).

Physical superiority?

Man can do a little bit of everyone: run, run, jump and so on.

But in none of these areas are humans superior to animals. A cheetah is much faster than humans, eagles and falcons see better, dolphins and fish swim better, etc. While cars, airplanes, etc. can move people faster, this is notphysical Superiority. In addition, you could not move around with it in the past, as these inventions did not exist then.


Yes, but here humans are vastly superior to animals! You think, but it is not correct! In the best case, people (without inventions) can communicate over 100 meters. Whales, on the other hand, stretch over several kilometers.

So what! Nevertheless, humans are vastly superior to animals with their language! It is much more complex than that of animals! That is too not correct. Some animals have such a complex language that it has not yet been deciphered. But for some animals it is not that difficult to learn the language of humans (e.g. parrots). You can now communicate with monkeys using symbols.

The self-confidence

People are aware of themselves and can think about themselves. Here we have found a difference between humans and animals! No, it is here too no real difference.

Human self-confidence differs little from that of animals. In the case of monkeys and dolphins in particular, there was undoubtedly a sense of self-confidence.


Man is clearly more intelligent than animals!No, that's not really true either.

In a test on the computer, where a few numbers briefly flashed on the monitor, the chimpanzee worked significantly faster and more precisely than the students who took part in the experiment.

The "superiority" of man

In spite of everything, people have made the earth as "subject" and pretend that it belongs only to them and they are allowed to rule over everything and treat the animals as they want. Lock them in tight cages (factory farming, will also be another topic in my series) or use them for cruel cultures where the animals die in agony (e.g. bullfighting).

But I think that's wrong! We should respect animals and view them as fellow creatures, not as food and entertainment.

Animals have the same right to a good life and freedom as humans!