Why doesn't Spotify have Korean pop

K-Pop hits "disappeared" en masse from Spotify

Hundreds of popular K-pop songs have disappeared from the music streaming service Spotify, the BBC reported today. The background is a legal dispute with the South Korean music group Kakako M.

Songs by popular bands such as Sistar, IUm, Monsta X and Epik High are currently - to the frustration of the fans - not to be found on Spotify. Spotify emphasized that the existing license agreement with Kakao M had expired. One hope that the songs will be available again soon.

Kakao M, on the other hand, accused Spotify of refusing to extend the license agreement. Kakao M is not only South Korea's largest music company, but also operates the country's largest streaming service, MelOn, and is therefore a direct competitor of Spotify.

Music can go away quickly

For music fans, the dispute, the exact background of which is still unclear, shows one thing above all: that music can disappear from one minute to the next via streaming and you no longer have access to the songs stored in libraries you have created yourself - unlike with fixed sound carriers and Music downloaded to your own devices and actually saved.

In particular, successful and popular songs can disappear from music streaming services overnight if the license agreement expires or there is a dispute about it. Users then only see the songs grayed out and, above all, cannot listen to them.

An on and off of the available program is normal with video streaming, fans are used to it, but not with music.