How do I start a juice diet

Juice treatment - what's the real benefit?

Hardly any trend has received as much attention as this in recent years Juice fasting. Finally wake up refreshed, go through the day full of energy, have a clear view - Juice cleansing promises exactly that. Countless juice shops offer cold-pressed juices for sale in stores or online. Also included: instructions that help you carry out a three, five or seven days ongoing juice treatment explained. If you believe the manufacturer's promises, they can highly concentrated vitamin bombs clean the intestines in a short time and rid the body of harmful substances.

But what are the benefits of a juice regimen? Are juice cures for weight loss? And can you replace the packaged juices from the providers with homemade juices? This post provides you with everything you need to know about the topic Juice cures should know.

What is a juice regimen?

The principle of one Juice diet is simple: Solid food is completely avoided for a specified period of time. Instead, stand exclusively cold-pressed juices from fruits and vegetables, unsweetened teas and water on the menu. The modern fasts usually last between a day and a week. Between four and six juices drank. The goal of a juice diet is one discharge of the body that too more energy and better health should help. Opinions on how often to fast with juices in the year vary widely. Convinced of the cure fast up to four times a year.

Important! A modern juice cure should not be confused with that used in medicine Fasting cure. We have put together everything you need to know about therapeutic fasting here: Therapeutic fasting - that brings the renouncement of food.

What are the benefits of a juice regimen?

First of all: the myth that a juice cure can remove so-called “slags” - the term stands for unwanted pollutants - persists, but cannot be scientifically proven. Because, believe it or not, your body is with its organs with one natural detoxification system fitted. Liver and kidneys filter your blood and excrete unwanted toxins. Your Intestines ensures that important nutrients are absorbed. So why juice fast?

What many do not know: Often it is our diet that Indigestion, tiredness and listlessness caused. Refraining from solid food is like one Time out. The cold-pressed juices are easy to digest, but still supply the body with the important ones Vitamins and minerals. Obviously unhealthy foods such as high-sugar and high-fat meals are not eaten during the days of the regimen.

Can you lose weight with a juice regimen?

A juice cure is used Not to lose as much as possible in the shortest possible time. Nonetheless, you will lose noticeably weight in the days of your juice diet. This is primarily because you Consume only fluids and fewer calories overall. The result: Your body is dehydrated. As soon as you switch back to solid food, you will "gain" the water weight again.

Even if juice diets aren't meant to help you lose weight, they can Kickstart for a long-lasting change in diet be. With the end of such a regimen, many feel the need to continue eating healthy and balanced.

The right juices for a juice regimen

Anyone who strolls purposefully into the supermarket only to leave the store a few minutes later with Tetrapaks packed, should be told: Very few juices on the juice shelf are suitable for taking a juice cure. Your examining eye should only select juices that fall into the category of Not-from-concentrate juices without additives fall. At best, include the selected bottles cold pressed juices, as these contain by far the most vitamins and nutrients.

The big advantage of buying a ready-made juice treatment: You don't have to worry about anything. Most manufacturers also offer one colorful package with different juices at. For example, if the first Juice of the Day contains carrots, lemon juice and ginger, the second bottle contains a combination of kale and pineapple and the last juice of the day contains beetroot and apple.

If you opt for the homemade variant, you save money, but you should plan some time for preparing the juice supply. It also makes sense to use a juicer with the Homemade juice regimen press the selected fruit and vegetables slowly and cold. Which fruits and vegetables you combine is entirely up to you. However, you should make sure that you are using good quality foods.

To save time, you can plug in the juice regimen and prepare the necessary amount for two days. Stored in closed bottles in the refrigerator, most of the nutrients will be retained.

What you shouldn't do: the Heat freshly squeezed goodies. Although unwanted germs are killed in the process, valuable nutrients are lost.

By the way: Both with bought and self-pressed juices, the pulp can settle on the bottom. This is completely normal. Shake vigorously once, please!

The discharge days

Whether you order it online or squeeze it yourself, before you start eating only juice, you should do one or two Discharge days insert. What that means? On these days, you will avoid fatty and sugary meals and only use fresh food. In addition, your portions should be a little smaller on these days.

Tips for fasting with juices

You want the experiment Juice cleansing dare? Then we have five tipsthat can make juice fasting easier for you.

  1. Choose a time period when you have little to no commitments. A long weekend or a vacation week are ideal for this.
  2. Only start a juice regimen when you are physically healthy.
  3. During your juice diet, make sure that you get enough rest and sleep.
  4. Keep drinking water in addition to the fresh juices.
  5. Avoid putting too much strain on your body during your juice fast. Slow walking is of course allowed

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Breaking the fast

After you've had your last juice, it will be Breaking the fast before. Since you have been without solid food for a few days, it is important that you slowly get your body used to meals. Foods that are suitable for the build-up days are, for example, small portions of fresh fruit and steamed vegetables as well as boiled potatoes or rice.

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Juice cure: our conclusion

Restful sleep, more energy, longer periods of concentration - a juice regimen can have many positive effects. You can only find out for yourself whether this is the case with you. Rule # 1 is: listen to your body's signals and don't ignore needs like thirst and rest.

For those who aim to get their body in shape, a juice regimen can be the kickstart to a healthier diet. However, juice fasting is not suitable for a long-term diet.

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