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World travel flight route - South America, the Caribbean and the USA

We started the second part of our world tour to South America, the Caribbean and the USA from Germany. Let yourself be inspired by our journey and work on your own flight route!

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Our flight route to South and North America at a glance:

Germany Chile Argentina Dominican Republic USA

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Tips for your world travel flight route to South America

For the second part of our world tour we only booked a one-way ticket to Santiago de Chile and planned to stay there for several months. After all, it was our first time in South America and we wanted to immerse ourselves more in the culture. In addition, while traveling through Asia, Australia and New Zealand, we quickly realized that slow travel is much more comfortable for us than having to be somewhere else every few days. That's why we rented one Apartment in Santiago and started our excursions and exploration tours from there.

From Germany to Chile

From Frankfurt we flew to Chile with Condor and Copa Airlines with two stopovers in Puerto Rico and Panama. Condor offers cheap single flights. So practical if you only need a one-way ticket.

Frankfurt Santiago de Chile*

Now there is even already Direct flights to Santiago de Chile*! You can find more flight tips in my new article.

Flight tip: If you want to fly direct to Buenos Aires, you can come with me cheaply Norwegian* there.

There is also always great Return flights with Lufthansa* from Frankfurt directly to Buenos Aires.

Some airlines want to see an onward ticket, otherwise they won't let you fly with them. If you don't have one, but you want to be on the safe side, I can give you one Rental ticket recommend. If you have a stopover in Puerto Rico, then you also need the American electronic entry authorization ESTA.

In Chile we made several excursions, always starting in the capital Santiago de Chile. So we visited for example Vina del Mar or Valparaiso. The Atacama Desert could not be missing on our world trip either. There we made great trips to the Lunar landscape or to the Altiplano lagoons. You definitely shouldn't miss this! From Santiago you can fly to Calama in just under 2 hours. From there you can take the bus to San Pedro de Atacama.

Flight route Santiago Calama Santiago *

Single flights to Calama*

Domestic flights in Chile are operated by LATAM and low-cost airlines such as SKY Airline or Jetsmart.

You are allowed as a German citizen Visa-free 90 days in Chile stay.

If you leave Chile and want to re-enter after an excursion, you will receive a further 90 days' stay.

We only made our other trips around Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Peru on our second trip around the world! But here are our flight routes anyway.

Flight ideas for your South America flight route

Santiago Punta Arenas* sometimes there are also direct flights to Puerto Natales*.

An incredibly impressive nature that you can discover in the Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia. You can find many in my article on this Tips on the national park and Puerto Natales.

From Chile to Argentina

Santiago Bariloche*

Patagonia is a very extensive area with a wide variety of landscapes. It extends not only through Chile but also through Argentina. The Argentine city of Bariloche is located in northern Patagonia and is for their lake and mountain landscapes known. The place is not only a very popular holiday destination for Argentines!

From Chile to Uruguay

Santiago Montevideo*

The capital of Uruguay impresses with its pleasant and relaxed manner, whether in the city or on the beach. You can eat delicious parillas and witness one of the longest carnivals in the world. I have a lot for you Montevideo tips written down for sights, restaurants and hotels.

As a German citizen, you can Visa-free 90 days in Uruguay stay.

From Chile to Peru

Santiago Lima*

If you Machu Picchu like to travel, you should definitely not do it beforehand Lima miss. A great promenade, nice people and an impressive old town await you in the Peruvian capital.

As a German citizen, you can visa-free 90 days stay in Peru every six months.

Flight tip from Peru directly to the USA: If you want to travel to the USA from Peru, I can recommend JetBlue. The US airline operates within the USA, Central America, Colombia as well as Quito and Lima.

Lima Fort Lauderdale*

Onward flight from Chile to Argentina

After several months in Chile and many positive impressions, we went on to Argentina.

There we did the same thing as in Santiago, rented an apartment and went to see Buenos Aires. Make sure to check out my post Buenos Aires - these tips will make your stay perfect! to do this.

Santiago Buenos Aires *

You are allowed as a German citizen Visa-free 90 days in Argentina stay.

Tips for your flight route from South America to North America

From Argentina to the Dominican Republic and the USA

Next stop Caribbean! After all the big cities, we just felt like sun, sand and sea again! We found a wonderful one in the Dominican Republic All inclusive hotel*, where we just didn't have to do anything. No sightseeing, no excursions, nothing to book or plan. You shouldn't forget that a trip around the world is not a vacation. You have to organize a lot and process the thousands of impressions in order to be able to discover new things again! You always need a break from traveling.

As a German citizen, you can Visa-free 60 days in the Dominican Republic stay. Your passport should be valid for another 6 months.

But before we could do that, we had to look for a good and affordable flight route. Because cheap single flights from Buenos Aires to the Caribbean weren't really available.

Our solution: After trying for a long time, we found an ingenious multi-stop flight!

The route of our multi-stop flight to the Caribbean and through the USA

Buenos Aires Santo Domingo Miami New York Las Vegas

Since we really wanted to travel to the USA, the route was perfect!

Another US city could have been built in without any problems without having to pay more. But since ours Foreign health insurance* only included the USA for 14 days, we left it with these flight stops. The insurance costs become very high if you add the USA or Canada for the entire trip

Our flight stops in detail:

Santo Domingo

From Santo Domingo we went straight to the accommodation Bayahibe. There we spent relaxing days on the beach.


We picked up our rented car at Miami Airport and made one little road trip. A perfect area for a mix of sightseeing and the beach. And after our long stay in South America, Miami with its Spanish influence was perfect.

new York

Most of the city that never sleeps was explored on foot and we really had a lot of fun doing it.

New York - endless sightseeing, you will love it!

Las Vegas

Las Vegas, our favorite city;) - which we had already visited several times, was the perfect end to our first trip around the world! It just couldn't be better! If Grand Canyon or Las Vegas Strip, there is always something to discover!

As a German citizen, you can enter the USA without a visa if you have the electronic entry authorization ESTA (Apply online before traveling!) and show a return or onward flight.

World tour return flight from the USA to Germany

We then booked our return flight to Germany as a single flight with Condor. From Las Vegas it went straight back to Frankfurt.

Las Vegas Frankfurt*

Combined with the flight route to Asia and Oceania, this was our first complete world trip, which we always fondly remember!

Singapore Australia New Zealand Hong Kong China Macau
Germany Chile Argentina Dominican Republic USA

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